Another Lewa Re-vamp Ver 2.0

So I made some tweaks to yesterday’s Lewa MOC. The sword was a bit gangly and unwieldy. I adjusted it a bit. Also reworked the forearms and added a tiny bit more yellow accenting.

I love the way he looks two-handing that sword!


A little too bulky in some areas for my taste, but this looks really nice! I especially enjoy keetongu orange and vorox armor.

I don’t know man, Lewa should be aerodynamic, I don’t think the bulkiness fits him

See I don’t consider this to be a bulky build at all. But I appreciate your feedback.

Lower arms are too thick in comparison to the upper arms. Not aerodynamic enough but love the colour scheme

Still not a fan of the keetorange, but, aside from that I really like him now, specially that the sword turns into smaller sleeker swords.

He looks awesome. I like the bulky/armored look he has. He doesn’t have to be aerodynamic. You combined the g1 and ccbs pieces really well to form a nice aesthetic. Plus I really like the keetorange on him.

My only complaint would be that the sword seems a little bit bulky, but it still works for him.


You managed balance out the keetorange nicely so that it doesn’t look to overbearing. Good job overall.

Pretty neat, but I do feel that the keetorange adds one too many colors.

I still like it, although I prefer the second weapon type to the two-handed sword. That feels like a Kopaka thing.

But I don’t mind the bulk because it reminds me of this, and I like this:


Wow dude, that drawing is awesome. Is that yours? I wish I could say that was my inspiration for this MOC. But I’ve never seen that before.

Thanks for the compliment.

Oh, no no no, it’s not! :smile:

I don’t know who drew it, I just remember seeing it on the 2016 Discussion very early on!

It looks great. Nice job

Lego! Take. NOTES!

I like those lower legs good job!

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