Another Nameless MOC

This is one of my nameless MOCs. :cry: but you guys can give your suggestions to me.
Any way this is one sweet looking MOCs that I have done. He has lost a arm but have a replacement robotic arm.
so yeah enjoy!! :smile:


I can only se three Photos
Anyway how about the name Knahros

Delta the ancient warrior - just a thought

How does Ringos sound?

The MOC looks cool, BTW! :smiley:

He looks pretty good. I would only suggest adding some color to it.

As for a name, how about Anouish?



“Zarnatak” seems like it would fit this guy.

As for the MOC itself, from the three pictures I can see, there’s nothing too bad about it aside from the Stringer 1.0 blaster on the right arm, the faux-elbow on the blaster-piece makes it look a little odd.

Stringers 1.0’s blaster is meant to be a robotic arm. :grinning:
the name “Zarnatak” seems pretty cool thanks for that suggestion :smile: