Another simple Makuta combiner

This time using Umarak the hunter, The skull Grinder, 2016 Ekimu and the Shapeways MoUP.

For those, who don’t have the MoUP, here he is with the mask of control:



Like Ekimu, he has both the gearbox and waste swivel, although the gearbow is limited due to the shoulderpads.

Aside from the two functions mentioned above, he has another function in his hammer; the stud launcher.
His claw on a chain is also able to grab onto masks.

This MOC can be built from just the three sets, but to match the pitctures, you will also need 2 CCBS bones (for the lower arms) and 6 colored studs.


I find the combiner to look better than 2016 Ekimu itself, but it’s still a reskin with some tweet.

SUPER straightforward, but I actually really like how this looks.

Agreed, I find that I like this more then the actual combo.

The arms could use some work, they look very thin and lanky.

Looks like a scaled down version of the actual combiner, and I like it.

Well, that is what I was going for, so yay.

Very simple, but it looks very, very good.

If anyone wants to see a how-to on this thing, let me know.