Another two point perspective

So yeah I made another one to prepare myself for the upcoming test at school. Painfully hard to make it in an hour, especially since this is way messier than the previous one (even though it just looks like a slight redesign from the other one). Again, if you spot any errors let me know.

BTW regarding those vertical lines, don’t they remind of the Metru Nui logo animation from the 2004 Vahki videos?


What class are you?

Where I live (Italy) the school system is very different from the American one, so I honestly don’t know how to answer your question. I’m in the third year of a “Liceo Scientifico”, and prospectives are the current things I’m doing in the art subject.

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I am not an American. I am closer with you. I am from Romania. What is a [quote=“Altair, post:3, topic:33702”]
“Liceo Scientifico”