Another update on Albus (#9)

As usual, I apologise for any photo quality problems. I tried a different method this time, I hope it looks better.

The most notable differences are the skirt (or whatever it’s called), the new builds for the sword and the bow and a thing I’ll mention later.
There’s also a few smaller differences, such as different handsand a more stable waist swivel (it’s still a bit unstable, though).
A better looks at the weapon builds:

These builds were changed so that it’s easier to take them on and off (it was an entire procedure before).
But aside from those two weapons, I’ve also updated the build of something I have shown before;

The Gauntlet.

The previous build was messy and unstable, so I made a new one. It’s quite heavy and bulky, but that was a part of my intention (and I really wanted to use those black pieces for something).
So that’s that update. I hope the new builds are an improvement over the previous ones.


He looks good, but some
Of the pictures are out of focus.

I think that the lower legs are a little bit messy, but I like the moc in general!