Another update on Albus

Albus has gone through some proportion tweaking. I shortened the arms, extended the torso and remade the bow.

I also made a new arrow to go with the new bow.

I know the colours are all over the place, but what can you do, when you have limited parts


0/10. Needs the elder wand.


Dat bow tho.

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That’s pretty good.
My favorite part is definitely the bow.
IMO, the upper legs don’t look great.

Looks reallyou good, kinda messy

I’d say get rid of the light blue, and add some trans light blue to match the mask.
The bow looks really big and where the hand connects it looks awkward, I’d suggest making the bow have an end like Vezuna’s and make the whole arrow one color.

A little messy, but I actually do like it a good deal.
The bow is quite good.

This is awesome! The bow is amazing!

eh, its a little hard to make out details due to camera blur, but, it looks good.