Anrak, Last Servant of Makuta

Anrak (Un-Rahk) is the fearcet of Makuta's servants. Following the loss of the Capital of Okoto and Makuta's banishment into the Shadow Realm, Anrak remained an operative on the other side. Now that the Toa have returned to the stars, and with the defeat of Makuta, Umarak and Kulta, Anrak is free to rule the island of Okoto with his own ruthless fist.


Huh. I'm not sure why, but I really like this thing! I love the use of the spikes on the shoulder pads. I also love the Krana on his face. It's really fitting.


This looks well built. I like the Krana, but to me personally, it is unfortunate that it is a different shade of purple then is used on the rest of the MOC. However, if the contrast was intentional, I say it looks fine.

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The torso and arms are great, but the lower legs are sorta gappy and probably could be done better.


It's translucent purple, so it's automatically amazing :wink:!


Yeah, I really wanted to make a villain with a purple face, however I'm not too skilled in making my own from scratch, and the only masks I could think of were Onepu's, variants of G2 Onua's, and Gahlok Va's Krana; which unfortunately came in a different shade. But, I'm willing to stomach the different shades as long as it's not all over the place.

All of the yes to this.

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