AnthonyM's MOCs: Zakonu the Spacewalker (v2)

Zakonu [v2](1)

Since the last time I posted, I took in all of the criticism of v1, and upgraded Zakonu. Some designs have changed, like the chest and hip designs. However, some designs, like the head, haven't changed at all.

Zakonu is my only posted MOC on this message board, but expect more in the future.
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Holy color Batman.

Uhh, yeah. Maybe tone down on he fluorescent a bit, make it more consistent.

Other than that, I like it. 7/10.


He's meant to be fluorescent.


He's wearing hologram armor.

that doesn't sound logical

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And you're saying that to an inventor from the future (100,000 years after the Toa landed on Okoto)?

I'm going to be completely honest; I really don't think it has changed that much. Sure, there are minor tweaks in some chosen locations, but I think most of its original cons still stand.

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  • over-greebleing
  • half a dozen colors
  • trans-orange and blue do not work as a color scheme
  • texture clashing all over the place
  • odd color-blocking
  • custom head is blocky and confusing



Too many small pieces in the thigh-waist area.
Color scheme stands out too much.
just lacks the flow I would expect from a hologram

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I mean sure, super advanced solid-hologram armor does sound like a logical progression, yes, but it's multicolored and Jarring. I can only imagine the use of the armor would be confusing enemies


Is it bad that I don't know what a greeble is?

Zankou must be colurblind or he likes to blind his targets by turning up the brightness on his holographic armour

Thanks for giving a suggestion on a secondary use.

Also, who's Zankou?