Anthrax: Monster of Sickness

It’s an evil guy with a bat face and accordion limbs.

This was an experiment to try and use up the majority of my grey CCBS bones. It turned out pretty well. This character is really fun to pose and also pretty stable. He also has a custom head that actually looks nice. (That takes quite a lot of effort for me).


A simple attack pose

A pose showing movement.

He can even Stand up with every joint extended.

I call this one gobbldigook locomotion. “Because sometimes you just want to move by flailing your arms and legs around.”

A more squid-like pose.

With all limbs extended fully.


This is so cool, and creepy also!

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Cool concept, but the chest armor isn’t the best. Personally, I’d think this giy would be a pain to pose, with that many joints.


he a looooooooooooong boi
nice moc


@LaserKnight Thank you.

@Omega_Tahu As long as they’re all compressed fully, it’s not a pain at all. The chest armor could be changed.

@Ultimate_TChalla Thanks.

@StudentScissors Part of what I was going for. Thanks for the comment!

@Jayfa Thank you!

@BBricks Thanks.


I love how this is so entertaining! You should do a stopmotion with this guy.


@Ghidora131 Now that would be a feat. He doesn’t pose bad, but trying to keep everything consistent between frames would be a nightmare. Maybe when I actually have some experience with stopmotions.


leaked ARMS dlc

I like the head.


I like the concept and execution of the limbs. The fact that you are able to change their appearance in such ways makes for some cool options and really drives home the monstrous appearance.


I’m actually working on something with a similar concept, but using pistons instead for the limbs. Apart from the light bluish grey technic connector on the back this looks pretty great, and the head design is very well done.

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Osmosis Jones reference goes here

This is really good. It is VERY creative.

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Huh. This is an interesting one. I really like the custom head. It looks great and definitely gives off that bat vibe. I also really like the claws. I’m not a big fan of the torso. I feel like it’s too slender, especially with the HF 1.0 armor as pelvic armor. I do like the limbs when it’s in a squid-like pose, but as arms and legs I feel they fail rather badly
Spoopy face/10


@Payinku Thanks! He is extra tricky because his legs are springs as well.

@Stoax Thanks! This guy is really fun to pose.

@BricksOfAwesome I’d love to see that when it is done.

@Brunamal I remember that movie.

@Vexus_Prime Thank you!

@Calvatron The upper torso needs to be reworked a little. The limbs are the main concept for this moc, so they’re not changing. It would be almost impossible to get the same extending effect and make it look nice.

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“I tried to fight this strange chicken monster but then it at least tripled in height then started flailing its terrifying noodle arms while making a loud screeching sound. Oddly enough this is only about the third strangest weekend I’ve had.”

This looks great. I love the design for the limbs. I’ll have to use that for one of my mocs. Though how it can still stand like this is beyond me.


Well, this thing is the most well done awkward looking MOC I’ve ever seen. Nice job.

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@MaximusPrime Thank you. He can only stand with his legs strait and arms at his side. Anything else and he flops over.

@ThatchMac Thank you!


Creepy (check)
in need of a Halloween animation/stop motion for (Double check)

Nice work, though I’m surprised that it can stand when fully extended wounder how long he is compared to something ells.

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@KazumaDoubleIce As long as his legs are straight, he can stand. If he bends them at all, he falls over.

I’ve updated a couple portions of armor, so I’ll give a comparison with the update picture.


Creepy. Almost nightmarishly so…

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