Anti-matter/Evil universe

ek that is literally impossible by definition


Unless he's been soaking up too much gamma radiation...




I had just been doing History, and my brain was temporarily dead. I mixed up some colors and thought that purple was the opposite of green.

So, my eyes would be red. I don't like that.

I prefer purple.


Evil me would be a good leader, but overconfident.

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I can see Ek snapping the tip off his pencil and flying into a green rage :stuck_out_tongue:


Speaking of which, I guess my eyes would be a super-dark blue...which sounds awesome.


I'm gonna go with Star Trek logic, where mirror you=/=the exact opposite of you. I think I'd either be a manipulative "chessmaster" type, or be extremely pragmatic, possibly both.

Opposite me doesn't internet, thinks it lowers his swag level, raps, cares about shoes more than his life, has a social life outside the Boards, has a girlfriend, hates MLP, Bionicle, Halo, Kyoryuger, Transformers, animals, Mega Bloks, and Lego. Loves Call of Duty because it's 'real, and in Halo you fight monsters.' Never tries something new before hating it. Has an Instagram, Facebook, and all those other social sites I love(sarcastic).

You know, actually make this a girl that calls herself 'Squeaverqueen' and(add) hates everyone in her family, wants to kiss all the boys, and stuff that older cousins hate. What monster have I described?!


That sounds terrifying.


Sad thing is, I've met two people that fit this description.

I pity you then frowning stuck_out_tongue


JMP.... would probably just have less tolerances , be more of a coward, possibly more insanity then me, slightly less perverted, more of a buyer/seller then a collecter, possibly submissive,horrible talker, has more/less friends, etc etc

My opposite is Emirp Suolucarim!

Alter-Me, or Alterlewch, or a word that has to do with butts, would be the greatest MOCist of all time, have no problems smooth talking the ladies, be able to change a car tire, and would know his wines.

Also he would jaywalk, so he's automatically on my list.

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Alternate me would probably...

-be evil /s

-be good at talking to people irl

-be a boyish girl

-like bloody films/games

-not be a coward

-hate reading

-be a math enthusiast

-not be clumsy

-be able to create something other than Languages and cool particle effects

-be an egotistical jerk

-hate Frozen

-have no common sense

Makes long winded, dull comments.
Actively engages on forums.
Never shuts up.
The biggest Eljay detractor.
Cares about other peoples opinions.
A gullible idiot.
Will talk about anything, even if it adds nothing to a discussion.

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-Hates learning
-Find history boring
-Understands sarcasm.
-Lives in a communist nation, and enjoys communism.
-Hates fattening food and is a vegan.
-Loves Frozen
-Doesn't like writing
-Quite idiotic but is the cool kid.
-Likes cats
-Would probably be a massive jerk.
-Doesn't like talking
-Cold and self-centered


Anti-Chronicler sounds like the kinda guy that gets assassinated easily stuck_out_tongue


Indeed. Nobody would like him!

I would be cold, distant, careless, extroverted, charismatic, manipulative, capricious, would have a lot of friends, would think that art is stupid, rebellious, wouldn't be tolerant, wouldn't daydream a lot, would show my feelings very openly, wouldn't be awkward, would be organized.