Anturion: Futuristic Space Soldier

Anturion, a soldier from space and the future.

The legs were inspired by gundam, and the head I thought was fun.
Also, it’s hard to tell, but he does have a cape in the first three pictures.


This is… really good. Excellent, even.

So this is what happens when Palpatine takes a Zesk as his apprentice.

pretty neat! It would be cool if you designed an alternate head that would look like a helmet that works with the silver/grey/black color scheme.

I tried using some of my silver masks, but I haven’t actually tried a custom helmet. I’ll do that and see where it goes.

Looks really cool

But the head really bugs me. /s

The head looks a little out of place, but other than that, it’s pretty cool!

Yeah, I don’t see that very much.

The moc is amazing for something that strip down most of Darth Vader pieces.
However I am worried on the connection strength.

Yeah, it’s pretty flimsy. It’s mostly for looks, doesn’t pose well.