- Anturion -- Soldier from the Way Out There -

Anturion, soldier from the Way-Out There Zone, a far off place that’s waaaay out there.

Frame pictures


The swords are spooki…

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Wow this looks awesome. I think the idea of having tan be under a grey and black armor like it’s skin is really cool, but maybe you should fit some more somewhere so it isn’t so uneven. I also think in a standard standing pose the body doesn’t really go into the neck and head very well, it looks very exposed.

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The swords look like miraaks sword from skyrim.

sounds like something from one of them sanik games

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I do love me a good bug bot. Though, why do his swords have eyes?

This is a fantastic MoC! I really like the teqniques you used!

There’s a thing on the bionicle Tumblr where you put eyes on weapons.

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This is really cool. Although the Green swords seem to clash with the rest of the moc.

I particularly like how you got the eyes to line up. Lovely MOC!

Lovely design, looks pretty good but it felt more tan would look better



TFW you run out of swords and must resort to using alien swordfish to do your dirty work.

Oh man, I know it all too well.

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I like the color layering here, how it gives of the impression of skin atop a suit of armor. The weapons are also pretty nifty.

Sick moc

Dang man, I wish you mocced more often, this is really cool.

Heh, reminds me of the Inzektor archetype monsters in Yu-Gi-Oh!. Top notch photography, btw!

I like this, a nice straightforward MOC that is still well designed Good job

what sith lord is this
But seriously, this is a SWEET MOC, with a great build.

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