Any Gen2ers around here?

This is the topic to talk about new fans in the BIONICLE community because of Gen 2. I’d love to see which ones are actually new because I want to see how many new fans are coming from the new BIONICLE.

So if you’re a gen2er, i’d love to find out how you became interested in BIONICLE and what it’s like to be new in the community.


I highly doubt we’ll see any new g2 fans here just yet.



I’m a gen 2-ier

but I’m also a gen 1-ier so…

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I got re-into bio because of G2 but I was around for G1 so it doesn’t really count.


@RaptorTalon, I believe you qualify


yeah, that was me too. I kinda stopped liking bioncle when stars came out but when gen 2 cam out resorted all of my bionicle parts :laughing:

but same 4 me it doesnt rly count

came out i resorted*

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Hay this is a cool idea, and whilst I never gave up my undying passion and love for BIONICLE I certainly slumped during the break…

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Indeed I do.

Lets see. I learned of G1 in 07. but I never cared about Bioncle until the leak…

now I am a die-hard.


Excuse me, but I got Tahu Master of Fire for lack of a cheap System set, forgot about it, happened to get Kopaka Master, and now have every Gen 2 set. And yes, I am young, but it was my money, so… I’m insulted.

I got a Tahu star for my bday some years ago and some Hero Factory… But HF couldn’t stand up to the greatness of BIONICLE!!!