Any Good G1 Continuation Fan-Fics?


As the title suggests, I am interested to know whether anyone is aware of any good fan-fictions that continue the canon story as where Greg left it?

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I don’t know of many that are direct continuations (as in, that make a concerted effort to tie up the loose ends and continue the story based off of what plans Greg revealed), but I think there was one fanfic on BZPower that attempted to do so, and went on for a good while (it may even still be in progress). I can’t remember the exact name, or the author, but I think the name went something like “Battle for Spherus Magna.” If anyone else knows the story I’m thinking of, feel free to expand.

It’s going to be a while before you can find that one, though, as BZPower is still migrating their server, and the forums are currently offline.

Other than that, there are a bunch of fanfics that envision different endings to the story, largely disregarding the serials. The only other fanfic I can think of that directly continues the story is the one I’m currently stuck in the middle of writing, which would be further along if I didn’t have schoolwork, or a series of novels of my own creation that require my highest priority. I wanted to post it to the boards, but it needs to be finished first…:sweat_smile:


I had a concept for a story that I never really developed.

It was about a matoran made Toa of Lightning named Whatiri. He became toa during Makuta’s takeover of the Matoran Universe, but wasn’t able to do much before his defeat.

As the MU inhabitants integrated with the Agori and Glatorian, he felt like a toa with no duty or destiny. But one day all of the toa and glatorian just vanish, all save for him.

Whatiri decides he needs to put together a team to find the missing heroes. But of course since the toa are gone, he works with what he’s got. So he manages to gather an old turaga of fire, a brash and headstrong Ga Matoran, an ice Agori, an earth Bohrok, and his pet Fikou spider.

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cough @NickonAquaMagna’s Nova Orbis cough


Wow. The fact that Nova Orbis slipped my mind actually really irritates me, because I love it so much…


Hey guys… sorry.


I mean, if you would consider a fan game a viable fanfic then I have one in the works.

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What kind of game do you have in works?

Kinda like a Bionicle MOBA like DOTA2 or LoL

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There are certainly some continuations out there but I haven’t stumbled upon any that I would deem to be good; with most of the ones I’ve read ranging from dull to cursed. While I’m not really a fan of the direction the serials went, I do believe they have the potential to be somewhat salvaged. I know some people have expressed interest in salvaging them, but nothing has come of it so far.

Nicrophorus’ expansion of Reign of Shadows is good and takes care of various loose ends but it doesn’t fit the criteria of a G1 continuation, as it doesn’t finish off The Powers That Be and The Yesterday Quest.

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