Any TTV Hip Hop fans?

So I feel like a black sheep in the BIONICLE community because I enjoy hip-hop more over than the more popular, umbrella term, rock genre(s) in the BIONICLE community. My question is are there any hip hop fans out there in the BIONICLE community?


Now before you bash on me for “bad taste” in music, that’s cool and all. That’s your opinion. As an occasional producer (not just hip-hop… hint hint), I understand why some music is terrible to you as it is beautiful to me. You may enjoy Iggy Azala but I can’t stand her for my own (many) reasons.

My favorite artists include:

Kendrick Lamar
Notorious B.I.G (ima get shot for putting the two next to each other…)
Ice Cube
J. Cole
Snoop Dogg
Your Old Droog
Jay-Z (kinda, childhood bias probably)
Kanye West (his older stuff. Post 808s era is a nightmare imo)
Nujabes (Rest in peace)
J. Dilla (Rest in peace)
Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five
The Real Slim Shady (his older stuff)

…And wayyyyy more (yes, there’s much much more haha)

Side note, I don’t listen to just hip hop. I listen to a lot of the blues and jazz, listen to rock [Queen, AC/DC, Muse, and Linkin Park (numetal tho) are pretty dope] occasionally, tons of classic/soundtrack (about 20% of music library), and dabble in alternative quite frequently (Foster the People, MGMT, Gorillaz). For some reason, a lot of people think I have terrible taste in music just because I listen to hip hop a lot

Sorry for the long post :stuck_out_tongue:. Question still stands, are you a hip hop fan?


Mah man

I listen to older hip hop like Del the Funky Homosapien, Run-DMC, Beastie Boys and Cypress Hil.
Don’t really dabble in the modern stuff.


Oh yah
Logic is my favorite rapper, hands down. His lyrics and beats are right on.

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Lance butters

Thats really all I listen to.

I will listen to anything as long as it has a nice beat. I literally don’t care.

All you young hoodlums with your hippity hoppity.

What with all the curses and such…


You youngin’ rock heads. Don’t you know the devil makes that kind of music?!


I haven’t watched it but didn’t Nujabes do the opening for Samurai Champloo?

More like most of the soundtrack

yo yo piraka


He’s kind of all over the place with his music, but I’m a big Kid Cudi fan.

@TawaOfFire you beat me to it

I listen to grand master flash, Run Dmc, specs wizard, DJ Able, AC the program director, sir mix alot
(a lot of older cats since my dad was the 80’s generations and has us listen to them in car rides)

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Yeah, you know you should check out Spose he is quite good

This, but add Shady’s newer stuff in too


Really the only hip-hop artist I actively listen to is Nate Feuerstein/NF.

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J Dilla was so killing.

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Eyyyyyyyyyyyyy. Looks like I have found a new home. Kendrick, cole, and Anderson .pakk are some of my favorites atm. Logic and mac miller are great, too.

dab dab dab dab on the dead topics

Everybody is an album I hated when it first came out but now I’ve got it on repeat

The only rap/hip-hop I listen to is Eminem.

Can’t double-post, so I’ll just update it here.

I listen to more of DMX, Dr. Dre. Snoop Dogg, and D12 nowadays in terms of hip-hop.

I like a little bit of hip hop, such as A Tribe Called Quest, Beastie Boys, early Eminem. I dig albums like Illmatic by Nas and Endtroducing by DJ Shadow, and I think I liked the Wu-Tang Clan’s debut a decent amount. That’s most of the rap I can think off the top of my head, I’ll probably remember more later :sweat_smile:

Edit: Oh, yeah I forgot I heard Kendrick’s new album this year and also Big Fish Theory by Vince Staples, also from this year. Not bad