Anyone go back and listen to old Podcasts?

Should I? I've been here since around 90-100.
And not just for my sake, share your opinions!


Which podcast did viper first appear in?

She first appeared in Episode 84 BWAHAHA. I remember this because this was one of my first episodes


I'm watching "Birds With Arms" for the first time, right now.


I got into the podcasts in the 160s, and around last month, I started to binge the earlier episodes, but they were becoming so dated, it was just annoying for me.

i once listened to like 34 i think was an experience


Have you ever listened to the BZP podcast of old?
I may never recover.

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Do explain

The audio quality and prepubescent still makes me shudder.

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I stumbled across ttv when they had just made the Biocraft tour videos so... sometime around episode 42 I think. Yeah. They have come a long ways in terms of quality.
I think older ones are worth watching, as they are funny, but be warned... audio quality is.... well... not so good.

I watched the 80-100 episodes before I subscribed to them, but I honestly don't remember much from them (aside from "Eljay vs Google) Kahi is right when he said the newer episodes are better, as I recently tired to listen to one of the older ones.

I listened to the first episode with Meso the other day......

.....He....he sounded a bit different.

Like a five-year-old girl.


Watched my three favorite again one afternoon.
Birds with Arms
Obi-Wan the Crotch Cloak Predator
Flight of the Beelzebug

I have been watching these since episode like... 3 or something.

It was pretty interesting...

Though I didn't start follower the channel like I do now, until about two years ago now.

I went back to one of the first podcasts. It was.. weird. I didn't really understand what the subject of the conversation was. I think I may have recognised Var and Eljay's voices, but they reeked of adolescence.

And it was pretty hilarious.


I really need to do this. I missed pretty much all of 156-178

In other news, this is one of my favorite ye olden TTV episodes:

RIP in RIP Nyra

I think that's the best way to put it. They older ones take some energy to watch.

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Usually when I MOC I listen to older TTV episodes but I've never really listened anything before episode 100. I always find it really interesting listening to TTV talk about leaks and speculating them and seeing what actually happened and didn't.

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I usually just listen to semi-recent episodes, at least past the return of Bionicle. It's always funny to hear them speculating about the past. :stuck_out_tongue:

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I also like to listend to ElTrampoline, the episode that my Meso Hermit Crab was in. Good memories of summer 2015.

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