Anyone want to see replicas of the prototype masks?

I’m talking about the masks seen in the KB-Legonaut segment I’ve already seen someone do a replica of the prototype Vahi, and they’d be easy enough to do considering they’re recolored Hau’s. The only problem would be that it’s EXTREMELY difficult to make out the “codes” on the forehead, which could very well lead to some problems when it comes to authenticity. Personally, I think it would be awesome if someone took up the project, seeing as how the franchise is just shy of twenty years old. It’s one of the earliest pieces of media from this franchise we’ve all grown to love, so it’d be incredible to have recreations of these pieces. Also, from the looks of it the figures seen in the video are the same ones we eventually got, just with different masks. So with replicas of these masks we could effectively have prototype figures on our display shelves by just switching out one part!

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unless we can see the codes better i highly doubt we can make replicas of these, also
if you look at the chin of this prototype i think it’s easy to say those codes were just manufacturing codes, not like disk codes

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I figured they were just random numbers/letters. Also, I don’t know if it’s the lighting, picture quality, whatever, but it looks like the white mask doesn’t have any markings. And as a little side note, it also appears that the gear functions are assembled slightly differently. There’s a white pin sticking out at the neck.

given how early/late in production this was, its very possible that the white mask could have not had the code, and i see what you mean about the gear function, but as for the masks, there isn’t really a reason to replicate them, as they are virtually identical to the final product

You may be right, but as far as I can tell these masks have never been seen outside of this video. They’ve either been destroyed, lost, or kept in some kind of storage that ensures we’ll more than likely never see them. And to people like me, I simply enjoy the novelty of them.