Apocolos, Disgraced Former Epsilon Warrior

A bit of a photo essay in this post lol.

Recently unearthed documents indicate that The Epsilon 3 previously had 4 members. So what happened to the 4th? These previously archived files tell us that the 4th member, Apocolos, is actually the brother of the leader, Phosaios.

Apocolos, a Hot headed renegade, sought to depose his brother as team leader. He wanted to take the team in a more aggressive direction. He challenged Phosaios many times. Eventually the leader of Epsilon had no choice but to engage him in battle. The results of which you can see here. Apocolos lost the fight and his dignity.

Battle with Phosaios

But as is often the case with bad guys, this one didn’t retire into that goodnight. Instead he donned a new mask and hooked up with a vile, firey creature named Gragglok. Together they are pillaging and plundering across the land as they plot Apocolos’ revenge against the Epsilon 3.

The Return

With Evil Henchman, Gragglok




I like this, it’s really colorful, but kinda simple overall. The painted pieces look good


Now this is how you do a hero factory moc

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Ah, that color scheme! So good!

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Nice use of the Djin blade pieces on the thighs. I like that detail.

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Great colour usage, looks solid.

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Kinda simple but it works in this case. I really like it. The picture quality here is fantastic!

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And @Kardax and @Leoxander Thanks! This one is ultra simple. But I like the combination of purple and orange a lot.