Applications of Gravity

Can Gravity users use gravity to archive the following feats?
Using gravity to enhance impacts such as a projectile or a punch?
Modifying gravity’s pull and direction to increase speed?
Lowering gravity around oneself to be more agile and faster similar to lowering one’s density as in the density control power?
Increasing the gravitational pull of a target so nearby objects gravitate towards the target?


Why do any of these things, when you can just crush a target to death.


Because that’s boring. Variety is the spice of destruction, doncha know.


If you want you get creative with your destruction, then you should try out psychological techniques instead.

In most instances that I can think of, gravity users just increase or decrease the effects of gravity on a target, but according to this Official Greg Discussion | Page 274, they could “theoretically” change the direction of gravity. This would mean some gravity users could control the direction and magnitude of the force they exert on a target, so it’s a yes to your first two questions. Theoretically, but I’m a little skeptical. If they could do all that, why wouldn’t they?

Regarding your third question, I would assume lowering the effects of gravity on oneself would be indistinguishable from lowering one’s density.

I’m not sure about the last question. Every instance of gravity powers I can find involves manipulating the effects of gravity on a target, not making that target affect other things. But perhaps gravity users could instead use their powers to target everything else in the area, achieving the same result.

Also worth noting that Kanohi Garai users are unable to target themselves, and in general, their powers seem to much less versatile.