Aquaria, mistress of water and liquid

Name; aquaria
Abilities; can control water, become water, and pull water out of anything with water in it no matter how small and use it (like air or blood)

I liked the new torso design for Kaosa so I rebuilt it for another moc. Unfortunately she uses the beam version with no waist posing (I'm saving the peice for the waist for Rhaea.)
I originally built her just as an experiment to see if I could make a large, "useless" Ben 10 peice look good on a non Ben 10 moc; I'd say it was a success. I'd like to say this is v2 but I never took any pics of v1.

A comparison of my female torso v1 and 2


Well, interesting use of the wings. Some of the color's don't mesh, too many blues. Otherwise I guess she's decent. Question the bohrok shields for knees, the trans blue and crystal/ice piece, and the inclusion of white and those Avohkii shoulders

Not too shabby per say, although the colors need to be worked on. Very very badly.

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Oh wait other Liquid

But that colour scheme my God

I particularly like the shoulders and wings. Very nice MOC overall, the colorscheme just needs a little work.

New knee armor
Maybe 2 blues at most

I will keep the white as my idea was that her dress and hair is frozen.

You really couldn't afford to use two different colors?

Anyway, the MOC does need some color scheme cleanup. Would suggest using dark blue/silver as armor, maybe keep the white as "cloth", and give her a separate color for hair. Also, if possible, extend the breast pieces (and maybe the shoulders) by a half stud so that they don't overlap each other.

Wings are cool, the shoulders are the best use of the Avohkii I've seen in a while, and her overall silhouette is interesting, Although, too many colors, and the Nuva bust is not aligned right, which is driving me nuts!


I really like those upper arms.

Her butt flap and the ice peice on her head.

I really like the shape those avokii's give the shoulders

I like what you did with the Avohkii's and that armor piece from Strakk, they definately fit the MOC.

I like this.
Especially the shoulders, ice pieces on the back and the proportions.

Not too terribly bad, but I think those Avohkiis on the shoulders are a bit wide and the leg armor should be long and thin to fit the leg shape. If you really like the Shoulder-masks, you should add some sort of cape or side-skirt to improve the aesthetic. Overall relatively good, but could use a revamp.