Aquatican 8

This is my second largest MOC yet, and was developed over weeks of work. As you might have guessed by the name, it is the 8th version of this monstrosity.
I’m having a lot of trouble giving the hips articulation while still allowing it to stand up. Currently, it can hold its own weight, but it is still rather unstable.

The entire MOC started with just a simple creature with an aquagon head, built only to attach the wings to something. Until version 8, the wings never changed at all. Until a friend (who had never seen a bionicle) walked over and showed me how to put the capes on the wings. Yes, those are ordinary capes. No customization.

Back shot

Front. This is the best image for seeing the structure of this creation

This is my first topic on the boards! I usually don’t build big, but recently I’ve been enjoying it. Expect more, big or small, soon!


Looks pretty great!

Its greatest downfall is probably just how skinny the legs are; they aren’t quite proportional to the large body. I would suggest either beefing up the legs or shrinking the body a bit.

The legs are much too thin and the waist looks weird, but other then that this is great! I really like the wings.

Thank you for the feedback! I’ll get to work on the legs. (Aquatican 9…:scream:)

Everyone else has pretty pointed out my qualms with this.
But it’s still awesome overall.

For those who’ve given feedback already-I have made an attempt to make thicker legs, but they don’t look quite right to me. I’ll edit this post later with the temporary bulky ones.