Ara Samurai Drone


the gresh sword pieces on the back are cool for storage, and yet again another thin moc. I think you need to focus less on taller mocs and more on bulky, nicely sized and less thin. If you need to fill up your inventory with cool parts, just search on BrickLink or eBay. and try to find ways of making your mocs less gappy.

It looks cool, try taking the pictures with two lamps facing the Moc. It is dark so I am going off what I see, the colors are everywhere but the build is nice.

It's a simple CCBS build, nothing too special, but I do like the head design.

I'm not saying I'm a master builder. but you need to not just put random parts together if you start with a simple character using the ccbs parts then add parts on to that you would get a way better moc.

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I'm not saying tour Mocs are bad, but he has a point. This is like the fifth moc you've posted in the past 15 hours and they all look slapped together

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I would remove the Brutaka knifes from the feet.

This MOC is poorly executed as a whole. The colors are completely off, the build is overly simplistic, the tubes look very out of place, and the structure of this figure is very disproportionate.
I would recommend focusing on making custom limbs and a torso and decide on one particular color scheme.

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