This is one of the inhabitants of a planet in a fan made galaxy called the Araxia system that will be featured in a stop motion I am currently working on. The animation will be a fight scene between this unnamed character and my Mutated Shadow Toa Moc.

… … …


it’s a messy and dis-proportioned @Plural


Believe it or not that was the idea I had in mind when building.
Just look at it’s back:

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I don’t get it.

What’s the point of the title? I’m legitimately confuzzled.

But it looks fine I guess. Nothing massively wrong.

Looks nice and accurately proportioned.

I don’t get the title. Is this just a tablescrap or something? A reference?

Meh, It is a model that I find easy to animate with. It is going to be in an upcoming stop-motion of mine.

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how did you attach the system plates to the mata hand

you need an old Mata hand, the ones with the little groves where you can see the axle. All you need to do is wedge the 1x2 plate upside down in between that area.


So joke title eh? Alright. I really like this guy solely for the arms, they are just works of art. The torso and hands are nice too, and I like the overall detailing. The legs are the weakest part of the not-MOC, they just don’t look right. Overall I think this guy is very well done.

As for the Moc though, I like it…


It is funny how people seem to like the things I spend the least amount of time working on.

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If your Nokama revamp and Mutated Shadow Toa were also done quick then yes, that is true.

Those took me much longer to create. Especially the body for the Mutated Shadow Toa.


It's me with poseable fingers... My life is complete...

It’s totally Plural. :laughing:

Therefor, if I don’t love it, I’ll offend him. :confused:

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Love the greebling on the arms/torso. Were you intentionally going for a junkyard-esque aesthetic with all the different metallic and grey shades?

You might wanna change your title at some point though. It’s quirky but probably won’t attract as many viewers as a more accurate title would.

The Idea is that he was damaged in battle and had to get parts replaced and a laser for a hand.

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