ARCADIA (Modern) Synopsis and Background

Alright guys, if you've been reading my other ARCADIA story posts, you might like this, as it's a nice and better story then before...

NOTE before hand: I am Autistic. I have some views which don't make sense. I also have odd logic. This story, while fantasy sci-fi, is trying to be cohesive and contain and crossover many series in this one universe. Don't question

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In this time period 1200 years into an approximate future where aliens, magical creatures, and humans coexist across the Milky way galaxy and beyond. Humanity has removed itself from it's home planet, Earth, and moved to a new planet in the year 3199.

This new planet, named [exchangably Arcadia or Gaia]. This world is an energy rich utopian planet, however it was barren before hand, and is a large planet with high gravity. However, with advanced tech from various species from the support group 'Dim Sun', the planet was successfully colonized, with a domed city named Arcadia being it's center.

In this day and age, Much of the galaxy has survived four large scale wars, and is currently being led by two factions: The Almanac Systems Strategic Intelligence Synchronized Thematics (ASSIST, AKA The SHEILD Knock-off of this universe, only as the governing body of most of the Milky way's main areas) and the Dark Essence, a rag-tag group of dissenters and militia who wish to either control or cause dissent into Chaos. Caught in the middle was the home planet....


Dim Sun, a front organization for a small, Independent arms dealer organization specializing in Bio-Weapons and prototype weapons, which masqueraded as a help group, was slowly rising to power. However, a raid by a special elite security team belonging to a small faction of ASSIST, the organization was compromised.

During the raid, a young man named Sam, assisted by a third party, fought the head of the organization, Dimitri. However, as the site was collapsed, both men fell into individual testing vats containing a new type of super-soldier system at the time. Only Sam was found in the wreckage, in a coma.

Codenamed 'X' after a special ingredient in the serum, Sam awoke from his slumber on a later date(possibly several months), and was confronted by some of the executives. Forced to join the ASSIST branch due to the fact that he was considered dead by all who knew him. Oddly, the group decided that, with his new powers, Sam, or as he was called at this time, X, deserved his own fighting force to eliminate threats in the world. Eventually X reached out to his brother, an expertise in many sciences named Neo.

Neo, who helped X by giving him a high powered suit and a very sharp plasma-emiting beam sword, was also part cyborg, but at first didn't think it was worth being a soldier. Half a year into their activities of stopping crime in the capitol, an unknown assassin nick-named 'The Crimson Ninja'. After being defeated, X and the Ninja butted heads until X learned of his origin.

The Ninja, a banished honor guard who loved his home until a corrupt Grand Master kicked him out for his behavior, now lived a life as a mercenary. traveling to the area of Gaia where the Ninja's homeland was and liberated the land. Now in his debt, the Ninja became an ally to X, while Silvex eventually worked up the courage to create armourments and gear to allow him to fight. Eventually this was called the X team. For the rest of 'year one', X and his three-man squad took out villains, even a large foe or two. However, during these he discovered an interconnection between some villains and a mysterious 'Demos Legion', aswell as a mysterious target named 'Derkayes', however, for the most part, it was peaceful...

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