Arcadia: The Johnny Wars, Reset, and Neo

Due to the fact that the original origin topic is essentually dead, I'll post the middle and final of the original story. Soon I'll post the current version

For a synopsis of the events that lead to this, Here

Year: 3990

by this time, X has made many clones, his current clone comming under the name X 37, or Ultimate X, who by now had gained a powerful form. This was also around the time that Derkayes' Confiscated dimensional portals were tested out on other worlds by scientists. However, 2 worlds they chose for the test would prove to be their downfall, along with the end of the world.

The first world, a world inhabited by Mortal Kombat, Cartoon and Anime characters, similar to this world, was ruled by a kingdom of Amazonians who didn't take kindly to the intrusion. The Next world, Now called the 'Ultimate Saiyan-verse', was home to an empire of saiyans(the space-ape race from DBZ), led by a kid named Johnny. X and the many other heroes of this time realised the leaders of these worlds were actually the creators and, thus, OP gods of these worlds

With these worlds agitated, what followed was an all-out dimensional 3 way war between the factions, the Amazonian universe being the smallest and the US-verse the most powerful. With this, Arcadia faced many setbacks and, in it's panic, launched it's clone armies, all made up of clone X's, to fight the armies of Saiyans and Amazonians. However, in the chaos, Derkayes Managed to sabotage the factories making them, causing the Clone army of Arcadia to deplete.

Later, a warrior by the name of JMP and a squadron of special elites were launched in the final weeks of the war. However, the imbalance caused by the fighting, bloodshed and power output caused a collapse of their sectors of the multiverse. Eventually alternate universe X's were called and fused into the prime X, causing him to become Alpha X, while JMP led the front. Johnny, with his troops, turned to their strongest super-saiyan levels, and charged. Meanwhile, the Amazonians dwindled until a squad, minus their leader, who had vanished in a portal accident, were left.

Soon, the groups charged for a final assault, JMP, Alpha X, and Johnny were the last ones alive and standing. However, as Johnny died, JMP and Alpha X realised they were the last ones left. Seeing the collapse around them, Alpha X realised JMP was the true God and Creator of the world, and they both fused to save the last of Arcadia...

...In the end, the resulting being survived the blast and awoke in the void left. Realising what he had to do, the being, with new-found god power, soon recreated and reset the universes, returning the worlds to normal and to a time in their primordial era. However, JMP and the Prime X, now called Alpha, split, with JMP gaining most of the god power and having the memories/knowledge of history up until this point. After examining his powers and breaking the fourth wall, he realised Prime X, now called Alpha, had become unstable and filled with the raw fighting capabilities and rage. Containing him at the core of the world that would be Arcadia/Gaia, JMP lived out the rest of his life, and spent his godpower resetting the world every time it came to an end or a mistake was made.

However, spending his power on resetting the universe and using his powers to defeat every Version of Derkayes, who always somehow kept his memories after his transformation, eventually caused JMP to become weak. Thus, on his final universal reset, he discovered the original life crystal that had given X on his first final battle. Sealing his mind and soul into this crystal, his original body became a mere shell for the crystal-inhabiting JMP to used. Now some-what dull to his universal experiences, he moved along in the new primeval world, ready to survive until the era of X came along....

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