ARCADIA: the Story and Synopsis of events

Right, so just incase you guys were wondering, while it didn't get it's 'Arcadia' name until the early 2010s, this story has been in my mind since I was 3 or 4. This is how it goes in it's current incarnation

ARCADIA originally started off as an old idea where Heroes(or villains) with extra-ordinary powers and fighting skills, along with their ordinary companions/side characters were brought from their universes and forced to fight/ are held captive in a 'arena' place, often a ground base, a space station, or even one whole planet. This gathering was started by Derkayes, a power-hungry warrior who infiltrates groups/universes with his army to take over. His goal; Multiversal conquest. His reasoning for abducting the super-powered beings- to siphon off their energy to be used in weapons of mass destruction

However, in his way are the JMP(My mary-sue-ish avatar), Vent(or as he now goes by, Sentinel VX or Sam), and the ZX squad, a group of assembled heroes from the titular city of Arcadia. They usually rescue the heroes, have a showdown with Derkayes' army and maybe even himself, and he usually escapes while the heroes usually celebrate.

Unfortunately, most times the abducted warriors are unable to return to their home of origin and are forced to stay in the city of Arcadia and/or live at the Planet Arcadia is on, Gaia. As for the home galaxy of the heroes, it is either obliterated, destroyed, taken over or left inhospitable with no resources. However, the heroes learn to cope with this. It is often hard to adapt to the futuristic world but they often come through

Eventually, Derkayes would usually either make a new army, recover with his surviving minions, and/or get new generals, which are usually powerful beings near or on-par with him. Over time he usually(often monthly or annually) creates another arena/tournament) and restarts the process, often forcing JMP and the ZX squad to continually battle the stubborn being continually, saving heroes and defeating Derkayes. Often there are a few variations to Derkayes' plan, but mainly his want of conquering the universe continues on

However, villains or enemies of different powers and motives attract both Derkayes' and the ZX squad's attention, and force them to work together to defeat stronger foes. However this is only temporarily

If you need explainations, I'll post the beginning of the story, maybe make a topic for character Bios, and other things, but mostly this topic will be for the main chapters of my story

So, uh... Darkeyes brings heroes to Earth in order to take over the galaxy

Seems legit

NAh man, he just traps them in an arena setting with their villains and companions and somehow uses them as living batteries if they fight or if they're trapped. He obviously needs them to power his machines

Chapter one- Origins


Young SWAT captain Sam Courage, under task force Zeta of Arcadia's Governmental security division, was tasked with a recent case: Missing persons reports and illegal smuggling were traced to the company Dim Sun LLC. , who were recently under suspicion for cover-ups and inhuman experiments.

Eventually arriving, the squad raided the place. However, horrifying creatures and highly-trained and ultra-equipped security made the raid more like a living hell. Eventually, Sam escaped to a small room. Hiding in there was one of the scientists, JMP, who was a double agent

JMP guided Sam through the base, helping him retrieve weapons and ammo to protect himself and telling him of the weaknesses of the security force. After an hour of fighting, Sam and the remaining SWAT troops reached Dimitri Zarek, the main ring leader, who stood against Sam on a catwalk suspended on supposed 'super soldier' serum vats. After an exchange of blows, a bumbling Dim Sun guard accidentally destroyed the Catwalk, causing Dimitri and Sam to fall into 2 of the Vats. escaping from the vats, Dimitri activated the building's self destruct, and both sides got out before the building was destroyed

In the aftermath, JMP and Dimitri's bodies were never found, Dim Sun LLC was exposed and crumbled, and Sam was declared KIA. However, rather, Sam was kept in a hospital bed to recover from the sudden exposure from the super soldier serum and some of the injuries inflicted in the assault. Meanwhile, Dimitri, now declaring he be called Derkayes, gathers his remaining men and some mercenaries in a secret base, plotting to destroy Arcadia AND rule the universe, no, the Multiverse!

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that's an understatement.

He needs to be reimagined, IMO XP

trust me, before I joined and when I made him, he was literally a god-tier character, which you shall see here, but eventually you shall see his current, nanomachine-version

Which is why he needs some reimagining. Nobody likes an overpowered character :0

Give him the Mary Sue test. I'm need to know XP

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I already did. Modern JMP got a 19 I think. Check through the old posts


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Indeed; when Ekorak is saying you're too OP, you know it is too powerful. /s stuck_out_tongue

Alrighty then

Chapter 2: Year one
Year- 3209

A few years after the incident, Sam is woken up in a life-support system pod. Getting out, he was on alert, but scientists and guards explained he was in the main government building of Arcadia. There a commander of the unit, the jerk known as 'Cap'n Shrive', explained Sam's predicament

"In those pits you fell into, you happened to fall in a super-soldier serum created by the Dim Sun Corperation, which was taken down after the raid. We deemed you a valuable subject, but someone decided to let you go instead of being an experiment. Otherwise, said dirt bag sanctioned you to gain your own team". After more explanations, Sam was given a new identity - X, soon to be hero of Arcadia. He was soon sent out and given his own base

Eventually some of the government officials working with X decided that he try hiring soldiers or mercenaries. Eventually they also suggested he tried crime fighting, as he could potentially gain allies that way. Re-entering the city at night or at times of Peril, he secretly took down different villains. On a fateful day, a large villainous group targeted X's brother, a man named Neo. Saving Neo, X learned his brother had become a cyborg and a well respected scientist.

Recruiting Neo, who took the moniker 'Silvex' for some reason, X was given a special suit that regulated X's power and even gave him more abilities, along with a special 'beam sword' and a metal sword in the style of a medieval long sword. However, as the month progressed into the hot summer, a new threat emerged: The assassin 'Mauta Shigaroshi', otherwise known in the underground mercenary business as 'Crimson Ninja', an honorable man who was betrayed by his clan and duped by a mysterious 'Demos legion' to get rid of X. However, after a lengthy battle, both found their strengths equal. Thus, Mauta was recruited to X's side after a promise to get his home back. Later, X eventually had a run in with his old lover and fellow surviving squad mate, Angela Xi Shanui. Hooking back up, he invited Angela as she was not only a stealth and reconnaissance expert, but she was well armed with a supply of weapons

As it finally reached newyear, the team had gained the moniker of 'The X team', and had justly gained popularity with the public, X as an armored super hero, Silvex following suit and the Crimson Ninja, who no one knew as he was a foreign hero, and Angela, going under the Moniker 'Hi-jet' following suit. However, deep in space, a giant coliseum the size of Earth's Texas was being built....

If you're wondering about the 'kiddy' names and story, this is a retelling of something I made around 2008 or 9. Maybe 2010, where I was more or less dumber then I am now

Right, Third chapter update to just get rid of half of the BS story autistic 11-year-old me made

Chapter 3- X Wars

Year- 3210

fighting for most of late winter, X got a warning from the mysterious Demos legion: Should the time of their coming arrise, X shall die should he interfere with their plans. Meanwhile Silvex made more advances in science, Angela enjoyed time with X, and Crimson Ninja regained his homeland. After coming back together and fighting globally against villains whom seemed connected to the Demos Legion, the Government and the city was attacked, forcing X, Silvex and Crimson Ninja to go all-out against the threat, but tiring them

Eventually, a report of a giant base in the atmosphere of Gaia alerted everyone's attention: Derkayes broadcasted to the world that he was still alive, and he will show the world who's boss by abducting heroes from other dimensions and absorbing their power. Sending a private ship to investigate, the X team narrowly survived an onslaught of cannon fire and managed to get in. Arriving at an arena-like structure where the heroes were captured, meeting them

Author's Note: X wars(The original version of Arcadia, was supposed to be a super-crossover where all the old heroes of the early 2000's were abducted and were about to be used for energy by derkayes for a giant laser to wipe out the Earth(or in this case, Gaia) and thus rule what's left of it. Yeah stupid, but I was a naive autistic young lad. If you're wondering, the Nicktoons, Disney, Cartoon Network heroes, along with Sonic the Hedgehog universe and a few other obscure heroes were involved. Don't ask, I even don't know myself

Rescuing the heroes, the X team faced their foes from their global tour, and had a rough time with them, but eventually an Arcadian cruiser helped them get off. Arriving at Arcadia, the heroes found they could not return to their homes. Grief stricken, the heroes cope while X and his team go out to defeat the Demos Legion commanders, who caused more global destruction. Eventually they were raided and the heroes were taken back. Readying for a final assault, X, alone with an Artifact called 'the Life Crystal', said to be a powerful crystal which brought about the ability to enhance one's power. Breaking it, he reached extra-ordinary levels of strength, and launched a final battle against the Demos Legion, getting rid of most of their soldiers. However, their final generals, who had taken the same super-soldier serum, and Derkayes proved the toughest challenge. Eventually they reached a Rocky cliff next to the ocean as rain fell and epic music sounded

Surrounded, X used the last of his strength to defeat the super soldiers, but found Derkayes beyond his capabilities, who ended up killing X. The Hero, in his last moments, gave the heroes from the other multiverse some of his power, allowing them to turn into golden, powered-up forms, of equal strength to his and Derkayes. His body thrown down a cliff andsinking, the heroes eventually beat up Derkayes, and thus ends the X wars as the heroes lived for some time. However, under the ocean, the Body of X glowed with it's ruined armor. After clearing the area, however, no one could find X's body. Thus, the world gave a sigh of relief as Derkayes, who ended up dying mysteriously, was destroyed, and wept for X's apparent Death...

Next up, shall be even more BS from child-hood me

Chapter 4: Return of X, and the Johnny Wars

The final Chapter, while I have the Johnny wars on another topic...

Year- 3214

A few years after X's Death, his spirit, becoming invincible due to the life crystal, escaped while a fragment of his soul controlled his now-undead body, becoming Zombex. Soon X finds a young boy, telling him a new evil has arrived fusing with the boy, X2 was created, and thus he continued his heroism far from the world. However, X, after defeating the evil, de-fuses with the boy to allow him less danger

After these events, He finds Silvex and convinces him he's still the same X. Having him create a clone body, now called X3, He eventually finds Zombex and, after some fighting and talking, allows him to revive as the original X. Reuniting with his original team, they eventually live out their lives in heroism and adventure...