Arcana: the downfall

Long ago, in another place, another time there was a dying world, a world of heroes and gods, empires, and kingdoms. It’s people lived in peace in the four nation’s of the imperious Winterfall to the north,the luscious Yotoko to the west, the whimsical Nordum to the east, and finally the rich Pikewall to the South. Up until ten years ago all was fine with the world, but then Nordum cut itself off from the world, and now magic as a whole is dying out. Not to mention rumors from the west that a usurper God has appeared. This is where you come in Traveller Lux himself has christened an exposition to save our world. Are you ready to begin?

Welcome to Arcana: the Downfall, here’s a brief explanation of the world and how it works. Firstly the gods, they’re mostly a pleasant bunch that in return of the people’s worship grant gifts and knowledge of advanced magic, the major gods of the pantheon are;
God of the sun: Lux
The leader of the pantheon, he is generous and caring. Some consider him the father to all.

God of death: Hedat
The second of the gods, Hedat is largely uncaring of the world of the living. Though he cares much of his followers, and those who bring them harm are condemned to an eternity of pain.

Goddess of balance: Statera
Stratera’s whole focus is keeping the peace. Those who seek to incite chaos Garner her bitterness

God of the sea: Makarios
Makarios could be easily described as bipolar as the seas, calm one moment, and enraged the second. Those who please him however are blessed by good weather, and impossibly fantastic haul’s of fish

Goddess of honor: Pobeda
The patron of warriors she teaches them honor, and will personally select generals of the nations, though is now torn due to the rising tensions between Winterfall and Pikewall

God of war: Mellub
Pobeda’s rival he lives for battle. He has been satisfied with Winterfall’s brutal gladiatorial area.

God of nature: Flourum
A loner, he has few followers though those who do live tend in small encampments that are largely self sufficient. He’s incredibly calm and hard to anger, though the madness he brings when angered is enough to cause the mightiest of heroes to run.

God of order: Dorum
He’s brazen and stoic, Dorum doesn’t bow to no god, and will often tick both Lux and Hedat off with his veiw of what is good and evil

Goddess of knowledge: Pian ya
Pian ya seeks only to teach those who would listen, though knowledge comes at a price. Some secrets are secrets for a reason, and those keeping them will often fiercely protect them.

God of magic: Ichor
A clever mage Ichor is constantly coming up with new spells which he shows to Pian ya

God of indulgence: Zaechar, (this is the new god from the west)
Not much is known about Zaechar.

The four kingdoms

•Winterfall: a mountainous empire, they believe in a strong military and have Greco-roman architecture
•Yotoko: with luscious plains it’s people are as adept at hourseback riding as they are walking, they’re honorable, and patient scholars
•Pikewall: a rich trading town you’d be hard pressed to not see gold within the capital, or even on the army. They’re a seafaring trade empire with makarios as their patron God.
•nordum: a decade ago Nordum could be described as a beautiful collation of minor kingdoms nowadays no one knows as they’ve cut themselves off from the other great kingdoms

Races, there are four races of Arcana;
1.The childish, but curious kitmaj(cat people) these have heightened senses, for better or worse and an affinity for climbing. Typically they Excell at combat, but aren’t good at magic usage
2. The sceptical veponies(fish people) these people are skilled in the water, though weaker on land
3. The powerful etherites, they are
Essentially beings made of pure solid magic, they are exceptionally powerful mages. Though for an odd reason less and less are being born this past decade. They look mostly like humans though thier skin is solid grey with mild cracks throughout, showing a colorful glow from beneath (the color varies per etherite) they aren’t very good at hand to hand combat, and they tend to be brittle
4. Humans, these are the most common race on Arcana, and have none of the strengths of the other races, nor their weaknesses

Rules, mostly your standard sort;
No auto hitting
No godmodding
no controlling other people’s characters
Mages have three spells layers:
Level 1: this is your fireball level spells
Level 2: this is the more advanced level spells, you’re allowed three to start with, and they take two posts to cast
Level 3: this is the more powerful of spells. You won’t start with any, but you can aquire them within the game.
Mages will also have to choose from an element to use;
(You’ll be expected to stick to your choice)
Thiefs- they have weaker weapons then warriors, but are able to steal, (when doing so I’ll roll a d20, if it’s 15, or less you get away with it, 16-20 you’re caught. Other classes will be caught immediately)
Priests- have 3 heals a day, and can summon minions to assist in combat.(two post casting speed)
Warriors- easiest class, they hit things and said things die
Artificers- these are similar to priests, but have companions instead of summons, and no heals, companions differ however in that there’s no summonings, but have to be repaired at a typical interval otherwise they’ll break and will be unusable for a period of time, though they’re typically stronger than summons
Character sheet;
Class (mages, warriors, priests, thiefs):
Weapon(nonemages)/elements (mages):
Level 2 Spells(mages only):
Summons(priests only):
Companions (artificers only):
Kingdom of origin:

Accepted characters;
Lidwig Vanheilm
Oliver Vienne
Mokuzai Oakley


(Where’s the kingdoms?)

Name: Frostvin
Class: mage
Element: Frost
Level 1:

  1. Ice Shards
  2. Small Ball of Ice
  3. Control Ice. (form structures smaller than or equal to a cube of 2 feet.)
  4. Ice Shield. (A thin coating of ice covers the body. not very strong. Character is unable to move,
    Level 2 Spells:
  5. Potent Ice Shield
  6. Minor Ice Storm (A small cloud flinging sharp ice fragments. Cloud is 2 feet large.
  7. Frostbyte. (Enemy is frozen for 1 post)
    Race: Etherite
    Bio: Frostvin lived with his Etherite tribe in the Winterfall. Frostvin is a young mage, with the chosen powers of Ice. He is aware of the current downfall of magic, and is searching for a way to stop it. Frostvin is also an avid reader, especially fond of spellbooks and ancient stories. He has the hobby of drawing, and especially loves drawing buildings and animals.

Name: Edward
Class: Artificer
Weapon: Mechanical backpack with six limbs. Mostly used for walking and holding things, but can also be used in melee combat, as well as climbing walls and other various surfaces.
Companions (artificers only):

  1. Alpha
  2. Beta
    Both are small robotic drones. Nearly identical spheres with four legs. The only thing to separate them is a 1 and 2 painted on them.
    Race: Human
    Bio: Edward is fascinated by robotics and technology. But unlike most of his profession, he doesn’t work with magic. No, he studies electricity, which often has others look down on him. Its also put him at odds with most of the gods. Especially Lux. The only one he worships is Pain Ya.

His underground laboratory is staffed with many different automatons. In total there are 50 different maintenance bots that clean and prepare food, and five guard bots that act as active security.


…I can’t believe I forgot about those…
Accepted, though please specify which kingdom they come from


He lives by himself. Closest to Nordum, but his laboratory is built up outside the border.

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Alright, I fixed mine…
I added some more info, too.

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Kingdoms added, my apologies for overlooking them

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I should also specify that when I say laboratory, it’s indistinguishable from a fortress, and is swarming with automatons. Alpha and Beta are the only ones he decided to bring with him. The rest stay behind to maintain everything.

Image Entrapta’s castle, only smaller, and heavily armed.

I’m going to have to reject the fortress

Dang it. Okay what if it was underground? Still with the maintenance bots and lots of security weapons.

No. Otherwise sure

Some security weapons? Can I at least lock the door?

You can have five protective automatons

So a couple hundred maintenance bots, and five guard bots.

You know what, sounds good to me.

That’s way too much

Is 150 good?

Name: Lidwig Vanheilm
Class: Thief
Race: Veponie I honestly don’t know how to spell it.
Bio: As a child, he grew up rather spoiled due to his father falling in favor of Makarios but was cast away from his rich life after his father falling ill to a disease due to not properly cleaning his hull. Lidwig has since then developed a hatred for seafood and has brought himself to a life of robbing cattle and other land creatures to survive. He mainly worships Flourum due to his followers self sustainability and seeks to emulate them.
Kingdom of Origin: Pikewall



Much less, maybe 50 at most

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Just to get this out the way before we start. Can we introduce more characters later on?

Yes, that should be fine