Arcdron (Updated self MOC)

Hello everyone.

This is Arcdron, my self MOC. Ive been working on perfecting him for about 2 years now, and i finally feel like he looks perfect.

I have got comments regarding the net on his chest before, but it makes him speciall, i like the way he is unic, and so am i as a person.

But enouth talking, here comes the pictures.

The last versions that i have made of him, the choices of weapons has been a little bit small, so this time, i have made him more playable and a little bit more colorfull.

He has three weapons to choose from.

The sword is the same as in the last version. A sword sharged with electicity. The blade is forged out of tempered Dioterite, the mineral keeping Arcdron alive, like his blood.

Arcdron also has a dagger strapped to his leg, in case of a close courter attack or defence.

He can also dual wield the sword and the dagger for a quicker attack strategy, and more playability.

The last weapon is his new bow with doubble tipped arrow.

So this is Arcdron. My self MOC.

I hope you have found him intresting and cool.

I might do a how to on this guy, i want others to be able to see the amazing character he is.

Well, thats all for now.

Se ya!Preformatted text


Nice job! There are some spelling errors in your post; I recommend getting Grammarly to take them out.

I <3 the paint job on the Rahkshi head! Does the arrow actually shoot, though, or is it just for looks?

The arrow is most for looks. It can be used as a spear tho aswell. Good question.

The bow looks Awesome! :slight_smile:

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Love the use of the net, has a few pins that stick out, but the bow and Sharpie on the head and spine. Plus nice idea for a sheath

Nice upgrade. I think the net gives it a lot of character.

If you see this and want to make something simillar, i got you some good news. I have made a how to ill post on youtube and here on ttv messege boards. se ya.