Arcdron (Updated)

The last post that i did with Arcdron, i got some suggestions for the looks of the body of Arcdron. I have now built a complete overhaul of the torso, uper legs and uper arms. He has better stabillity and can be posed easier. He is a bit shorter but looks almost the same.

The throne is still the same.


The hands look pretty weird, since you're using a foot piece.

The torso is better than the previous one, but I wish the front Inika armor was different-
The front chest looks solid and the lower leg seems off.

the only real thing that bugs me now are the arms, the elbows to be specific. they could of been connected with a two axle or use custom built upper arms to help it smooth out. the armour attachment point on the upper arm is good but i feel you coul use that as a base for a custom arm.
hope that help you improve Arcdron a bit. :gregf:

Try using lego ratchet pieces for the elbows my dude. :mask: