Hi everyone.

This is Arcdron, my self MOC.

Arcdron: Not even the mighty Marouder could stop me from reaching my mountain, now all the Dioterite is MINE, and the elemental lords will once again rule this world!

A little bit of story:

Arcdron is one of the Elemental lords, for the moment, the only one still alive. His kind has died out slowly during the past years in the Carzan universe and there are not many like him left. Arcdrons kind in fueled by ancient energy sourse found in the mineral called Dioterite. Thats like their blood and without it they cant use their elemental powers which often is the power of Arc.

On these pictures,you can see Arcdron himself and his throne. The throne has a few things it can do:

Articulated wings on the back

Working lego technic battery pack with light to make some parts glow

Weapon storage on each side

two extra knives in case

side turrets

and a lot of spots to add prefered parts.

Of course it has place for Arcdron to have a nice time.

The wings can be taken off the back of the throne and be attached to Arcdrons back.

Thats about it


taking a good look at it the only problems are the two ccbs shell on the torso, and the paint on the rakshi head. with the two shells maybe remove those or try to sink them in to the torso more. for the paint (this is just bugging me) maybe fill in where you painted more so that way it doesn't look so rough.

Thanks for the opinions. I agree with the facepaint, its a bit old and i dont have that paint anymore. Ill try to fill it in. The two CCBS shell are there to fill out the two ball joints that stick out on the sides. You dont happen to have any suggestions?

seeing that your using hf 1.0 torso, the easiest thing might be make a custom torso modeled after the hf torso just so you could sink those lower ball joints.

The base torso is a hero factory 1.0 torso. Sadly the chest piece that im using for it is broken (The pin that you use to stick it to the body has been broken of so all that is holding it to the body are to traparent beems. I had to add 2 of those hand pieces to hide the ball joints where usually the legs go on the hero factory torso, and the two CCBS plates are there to fill out the flow. Dont really know any other way to fix that without cutting of those ball joints.

This MOC looks a bit messy. I recommend a clean up of sorts.

Tear down the walls of Icecrown.