This guy is a bit too slender for battle. Plus, he does not have any elemental powers. He is more of a diplomat/strategist. Someone on IG said he looks like a Toa of McDonald’s. I find that hilarious :joy:.

1st mask is 3D printed from Shapeways. Second head is Hero Factory.


Photoshop Color Swap


That’s literally the first thing I thought when I saw this xD

How secure is the shin armor?


I am not offended by that description! lol

The Slizer feet are attached with a pin. So they turn. But there is a slight groove in the underside of the piece that slightly grips it in place. I did find myself accidentally turning them while posing it though.


Does he come with a side of fries? To be honest, that’s probably one of the least clever things I’ve ever said…

As always, great job! The color scheme, while it looks like a fast food restaurant, is really nice, and the upper torso armor is quite impressive as well.


This reminds me of what Jaller might’ve looked like as a toa if he’d transformed without the Red Star’s lightning and if he’d been allowed to keep his original mask! I think this whole moc is great, but the kanohi works a lot better with its aesthetic than the HF head.


No elemental powers? He’s clearly a Toa of Condiments!
Ketchup & Mustard shall bend to his will.


He looks better with the Hero Factory head, the 3D printed mask hasn’t caught with the overall aesthetics of it. Saying that, it looks heroic, almost like an Elemental Hero from Yu-Gi-Oh GX. I like that. It has a good energy behind it. I would add it a couple companions. Which can be transform into several components of armor – say a Megazord. It has that potential. Saying that, the chest is cute. Keep the good work mate.

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I actually like the HF head on this

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McDonald’s aside, I actually thought Monkie Kid! Still, nice figure and the color choice is striking for sure.

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