Are Makuta of the Melding Universe more powerful than in the prime universe?

It was said that Makuta of the Melding universe have the MNOGII Principles in place of the Rahkshi powers from that year. If that is true, would this make Melding Universe Makuta more powerful than the Prime Universe Makuta, since they would have Creation (a legendary power) in place of Disintigration?


I’d say Makuta do not have legendary elements at their disposal.

Opposite of disintrigation is propably reassemble or melding. :wink:

Melding Teridax claimed to be stronger than his shadowy counterpart because he resisted the temptations of power the other could not.

Elements of shadow and light are equal. They cancel eachother out. If a melding makuta used their power to attack and shadow one retaliated the attacks would cancel eachother out.

But experience of the user matters. Helryx is not stronger than a regular toa of water. Her millenia of experience with element makes her the strongest toa of water.

Makuta of melding worked hard to gain light based powers. Makuta of main universe took the easy way and succumbed to the temptation.


Melding Makuta have the powers of Courage and Peace instead of Fear and Anger. Since main universe Makuta manifest those powers as the ability to temporarily make someone else afraid or angry, presumably Melding Makuta can make someone else temporarily more brave or tranquil.

If you look at the MNOGII virtues, the virtue of creation is different from the power of creation. It’s a little vague, but it seems to be more equivalent to “creativity” or “skillfulness in craftsmanship”. If a Makuta had a “Creation” power, it would probably manifest as the ability to temporarily make another person (or possibly the user himself) more creative or skilled at creating.

I don’t know if one would be “stronger” than the other. The main universe Makuta have more destructive capabilities, so maybe they’d be more fearsome in battle, but the Melding Makuta still have 42 Kraata powers, even if they’re not as deadly as the others.
In the case of Teridax, though, I would say he is more powerful than his main universe counterpart since he still wears the Mask of Shadows. That means he still has some degree of power over Shadow, Anger, and Fear while retaining his “good” powers, giving him more abilities than the main universe Teridax.

I would say they are stronger, mentally atleast.

He described himself as stronger for he resisted the temptation of evil. Seems like something where you have to have a strong mentalityl to resist.