Are my MOCs good and can you teach me how to make them better!

Here I'll show the world my MOCs and hopefully get some advice on how to make them better

Not sure if this will stay open with no actual MOCs being shown? Ima call some mods to see what they think. @Political_Slime, @John_Smith, @Chronicler, @Waj, @Indigogeek, @legomaster1378...

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@THESHARINGANWARRIOR, please don't make a MOC topic that has no Mocs in it, thank you smile.

Please send me a private message whenever you have some Mocs to show, and I will re-open this topic for you.

@THESHARINGANWARRIOR, if you wanna get MOCing tips, check out our varius MOC advice topics:

(More people on the Boards really need to take a close look at this second one stuck_out_tongue )