Are playthemes worthwhile?

Recently I’ve been contemplating the costs and space confinements associated with collecting LEGO sets. Specifically, I was thinking about whether or not to buy into the smaller themes that run for half of a year to two years and(for the most part) have minimal storytelling. The ones like Ultra Agents and Galaxy Squad and Dino.

In the past I’ve collected Pharoah’s Quest, Exo-Force(to a degree), and Galaxy Squad(non-completionist) as well as bought a few select sets from various other playthemes along the way.

But for the last few years I’ve put more of my money, and more importantly, space into larger IPs such as Ninjago, Chima, and (this year)Bionicle. As such, I’m getting a little tight on shelf space, and my budget for lego is running thin. I keep ending up with scenarios in which I would normally buy a few of the playtheme sets, but instead decide to save the money and shelf space for the inevitable Ninjago set that I’ll want. Playthemes just end up getting shoved to the side.

But that’s also annoying because we keep ending up with more and more interesting playthemes. For instance, I really would like to get into the ultra agents stuff; I really love both the aesthetics of the agents’ gear and the use of non-conventional weaponry on the villains’ side. However, as much as I’d like to put a 20 inch long ship and an evil oil rig lair on my shelf, stuff like past Chima sets and the space reserved for the Morro Dragon are in the way.

So what do you guys do with Playthemes? Do you buy into them selectively? How do you deal with displaying them? What do you think I should do about my dilemma?


With displaying sets, I put the big sets that I’m proud of owning up front.

If that’s not an option for some reason, sort by genre. (Sci-fi, fantasy, etc.)


I usually get play-theme sets for special pieces or because they’re limited. For example, I liked getting Pharoah’s Quest due to some of the great pieces and unique sets. (Plus, I’ve wanted Lego Mummies for a while)

The only other sets I mainly buy are the big collectible sets, so I keep each one on a separate table cause they’re so big! I’m losing so much space in my room.

So I invest my money in Bionicle, Ninjago and Hero factory (when it was around) but from the little playthemes, I usually got the coolest set(s). now though I have to save up for a new iPod Nano so I can’t invest in any lego right now

I collect all Bionicle, because it’s, well, Bionicle.

I never collect every set from any other playtheme. Only the ones that have many useful pieces, or those that I deem really cool, or those that are both.

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Like @DarkTakanuva, Bionicle is top priority. I only bought one Chima set for parts.

When Bionicle G1 was around I literally did not buy anything that wasn’t Bionicle. That’s how invested I was in the theme