Are the Toa Nuva slightly taller than the Toa Mata?

It’s hard not to notice that the Toa Nuva sets are noticeably taller than the Toa Mata, due to the Kanohi Nuva being larger pieces than the regular masks (EDIT also the leg pieces are longer as Mr.Monopoly points out). I always wondered if that implied that the Toa Nuva had gotten slightly taller, or whether the Kanohi Nuva are just meant to be bigger in canon.

Or I suppose they could be the same height as before, but it’s just a minor set discrepancy (Toa set sizes vary a lot, but they’re generally about the same height in-canon as you’ve explained before).


It’s actually not the masks - the Nuva leg piece is a lot taller than the mata leg piece. As for story I don’t really know, but I would think yes.

Ah you’re right, thanks for pointing that out!