Are video games art?

Quite recently video games were declared a form of art (if my sources are reliable) do you think this is a good thing or is stupid?

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If movies are art, games are art.


I can’t see why not. I’m not a gamer by any means, but there are many companies who put an almost cinematic effort into their games, trying to make their stories and visuals as sophisticated and fulfilling as possible. If similar amounts of effort in painting, literature, and film are considered art, there’s no reason why a great video game shouldn’t also be in that category.

Of course, like all mediums, there are games that can easily be considered art and others that, well, probably shouldn’t be…


Much like paintings, some video games are art and some aren’t. But whether or not they are considered as art is irrelevant to me, as it changes nothing in the work.


My view of it is, video games can be art, but video games are not art just for being video games.

And also art is subjective to an extent.


So your saying, it depends on what the creators are trying to achieve?

Normally, yeah, I mean, I’d consider an old flash game a masterpiece because of the beautiful graphics and well thought story, so yeah.

Although there are some games which were just made to be spam games.

Cough, flappy bird remakes, cough.

Bearbarians is good, though.

I’m not familiar with Bearbarians. What is it?

As a game programmer I totally agree.

I guess I’m an “artist” now.

My mother would be so proud.


What kind of games do you make? Im assuming (from lack of evidence) that your an indie developer?

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A flash game where you play as the commander of a small tribe of warriors trying to avenge the destruction and conquer of your homeland by the pandas.

Unless you chose to play as pandas, in which case the pandas are replaced by Kodiak bears.

My current project is an RPG. A future one I have planned is a “genre-buster”.


Sounds intriguing. Could be a genre buster if you can pull it off well. Good luck.

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Considering that I view art as a form of content created to express the creativity of an individual, then I think video games could be classified as art.

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To be honest when I created this thread I sorta expected a lot of conflict if wether or not it was. I didn’t expect everyone to agree. Im glad to see people actually do think remotely similarly to me.

Any interpretation expressing creativity can be considered art.
The real question is if video games have reached the quality to be considered a good medium for art. I feel like they have. We now possess technology to make anything from vast picturesque worlds to vibrant, pixelated tapestries. In the coming years, more everyday people will be able to get into game design and express themselves to a degree.

Furthermore, we already have a range of people talented enough to contribute many great works already: from Miyamoto, Aounuma, Kojima, to indie publishers that exist in too much quantity to count.

Still, video games have some ways to go before gaining a reputation as high art.

Honestly, I think it depends on the person’s point of view.

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