Are you at liberty to reveal anything about the third year of G2?

I’ve heard from multiple unofficial sources that you were somewhat involved in the 2015 reboot, and I was wondering if you knew anything you could tell us about plans for the third year, or how the plot would have played out if LEGO didn’t decide to scrunch the ending into 2016’s story.

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He was involved in a consulting capacity very early on. He was not writing any material at all for the theme.


I think this is the most informative answer so far on him not being involved with G2.

And also this:

Yes, I wasn’t involved with the theme, so no idea what they may have planned.


whelp, thats thats
my try someone like Ryder Windham, he was one of the writers, he might know somthing?

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I think Ryder’s role was similar to Cathy Hapka’s with G1, meaning he did the books but was not on the story team. So unless a story bible was done for a year three and shared with him, the odds are he doesn’t have any concrete info about it.


That’s a shame. Thanks for taking the time to answer this though!