Arena Battle! (RP topic)

“I’m so glad you asked, Controller of Ice. As a matter of fact, you will be in the first match, and you’re going up against…” the gamemaster pulled out a piece of paper. “Tarkur! A battle of fire and ice! Boy, will this be interesting… Fighters, get ready!” suddenly, a gong was struck, signifying the beginning of the match. “FIGHT!”


Kad jumps back out of the way. Time to see which power set will be the most fun to imitate.

@Mctoran “You mean Magic against Ice.” Tarkur stated, before entering the Arena.
@controller_of_ice "I’d think you want me to say “Its on” or whatever but I’ll spare you the embaressment. He said casting a Lightning strike targeting Controller of ice.

His mana count is currently: 20

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The controller of ice flies up to dodge using his over armor and throws a hailstorm at tarkur, a warm up no less

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Tarkur uses disallow and counters the Hailstorm. The hailstorm seized to exist, a grin appeared on his face. “Too bad.” He comments coldly. Then he hurls a lava axe at the Controller of Ice, He spawns two Guttersnipes.

Mana left: 6

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IC:the controller of ice forms a thick ice wall to block the lava axe, he only has 9/10 energy remaining
OOC: what are guttersnipes

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OOC: Goblins that deals damage whenever I cast a spell

IC: Tarkur looks at his exausted foe and spawns a Sesmic elemental causing the ground to shake like an Earthquake. Then he spaws a Frost lynx that stuns Controller of ice. When the frost lynx resolved he declared that his Guttersnipes attacked the controller of ice, due to several reasons The controller of ice wouldn’t be able to block and takes 2 hits from each guttersnipes. Tarkur proceeds with casting another Lightning strike and due to it being an instant it triggered the guttersnipes causing them to deal additional damage. To recap Controller of ice would have been hit 4 times by goblins, by one lightning and dealt damage from the Guttersnipes ability. He be pretty beat up and he’s stuned for now.

mana left: 11

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That would’ve happened if he haddent countered the elemental by simply flying very high this also counters the lynx(can the guttersnipes reach me), the lightning with throwing his axe, hitting a guttersnipe (before tarkur casted a lightning strike and the guttersnipes attacked) and also redirecting the lightning, so to recap he only got hit by 3 guttersnipes and their abilities and is not stunned, he is at 3/4 energy
He is now on the offensive

@controller_of_ice OOC: He is still stunned he can’t move he is practically paralyzed so yes everything hits. also the lynx stuns a person despite their position. The guttersnipes abilities triggers just by me casting an instant and sorcery and that damage is directly affecting you. The guttersnipes attacks wont hit you since he is flying now. Also there’s only two guttersnipes but they can only hit you twice.

IC: Tarkur looks at his weakened foe “I don’t think I need to continue showing my superiority, I have no intention of killing you.” He states, “Gamemaster? Is this my victory or Should we continue?” He shouts out to the Gamemaster(@Mctoran)

OOC:i feel that tarkur may be a little OP, seriously making the opponent imobile before they can do anything, thats pretty much an insta win
I think his abilities should be a bit tonned down

OOC: Maybe but @Mctoran would have the final word in this.

IC: Tarkur stands by trying to predict The controller of ice(He is no longer stunned) next move.

“Ok, your good"the controller of ice says commending his opponent, then he flies so high that tarkur cant see him anymore, then he cast his ultimate move,‘glacier obliterater’, with this he creats a glacier bigger than the arena itself bringing it down on tarkur, he says"hows this i put all my energy in to this attack it cant be nullified(unless by an enemy’s ultimate attack/move) and its to big to melt” with that he finishes crushing tarkur.
He floats down exhausted and badly injured
And says"dont get up, we’re finished here"
(by exhausted i mean no more elemental attacks only melee with his sword)

Tarkur throws the sesmic elemental and frost lynx to make a hole through the ice the final layer he melts by touching it, he feels the water like acid on his body. “Nice try.” He states, “I admire you’re strenght you reduced my entire army of creatures and almost crushed me.” He said prasing the controller of ice, “Too bad your exausted, I wont kill you so do you accept deafet or fall due to your own foolishness.” He concludes.

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OOC:Bruh it was bigger than the arena how did you melt it entirely, you could melt a part of it but it would break and collapse on to you or that would happen when you threw the elemental and lynx there either way multiple giant targets of ice each when it melts hurts you

OOC: You do understand that fire melts ice, right?

OOC: the creatures I throw at it weakened it for the most part.

OOC:It would still crack and break into smaller but still huge pieces

OOC: Honestly, I think Tarkur’s the winner here. Fire melts ice, ice turns to water, electricity stops water.

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OOC: If your not satisfied my character could still travel to another dimension and then back again on top of the Ice by will so its your choice.

OOC:Might i add its also harder to melt bigger pieces of ice than smaller ones
OOC:Also you are freaking OP tping to other dimensions to escape attacks, gamemaster?