Arena Battle! (RP topic)

The gamemaster watched the fight closely, obnoxiously munching on his popcorn. He looked at the bottom of the bag, and realized that he had run out. “All out?” He said to himself, disappointed. “Oh well, guess I’ll have to end the match.” The gamemaster struck the gong, abruptly ending the fight. “Ladies and gentlemen, I call this match a draw, since I ran out of popcorn too quickly to observe the fight.” He was about to dismiss everyone, but suddenly pressed his fingers to his temple. “Huh? Really? Okay…” the gamemaster turned to the warriors. “I have an announcement to make. Two new fighters have joined last-minute. I think we should introduce them.” The gamemaster pulled a lever, and figure arose from the ground. “Please give a warm welcome to… Leadhead!”

The slow mechanical grinding that could be interpreted as laughter came from the hulking figure. A behemoth clad in a giant diving suit armed with a oversized Tommy-gun in his left claw hand toting a mini-gun in his right hydraulic claw

“Would you kindly give me a good fight?” he chuckles as gazes across the arena

The gamemaster turned back to the other fighters. “To those who have lost: Do not worry. Another chance will come” he said, looking at Controller of Ice. “And to those who haven’t fought yet: your time shall soon come.” He said, looking at Scrapper. “Wait a minute…” the gamemaster said, confused. “Where’s the other fighter?” “WAIT!” Called a voice. A scrawny man with a crude sword and shield ran across the arena, face planted, then got back up and ran to the warriors. “I’m sorry, who are you?” The gamemaster asked. “…Mark” said the man. The audience laughed. “Well, ‘Mark’, why dont you and the rest of the fighters head back to the barracks. All of you will need your rest for tommorow’s match.” Said the gamemaster. Eric led everyone back into the barracks. The gamemaster looked on, grinning eagerly behind his mask. it’s happening… he thought to himself.

Leadhead slowly stomped towards the barracks his single eye-port black and lacking a glow

The controller of ice trains with his mask to better resist tarkur’s disallowsp and increases his energy pool

Tarkur returns to the barracks un-amused he had been looking forward to the fight. He quickly looked over the newcomers studying them.

“greetings possible combatant have you done any fighting here?”

Tarkur was surprised as Leadhead started talking. “Yeah, I won my first match not to brag or anything but I totally wrecked that guy.” He said a bit nonchalant.

Mark just stood there, awkwardly unpacking his stuff by a bunk bed. “So… my name is mark, but you already know that…” he said nervously. “I’m a glatorian, or at least, a glatorian-in-training. What about the rest of you? What are your stories?” He asked everyone else.

“I’m a elemental of lightning and fire and have studied the arts of blue and red magic.” Tarkur was quick to state.

“Nothing interesting to tell about me. I just joined out of desperatio-” before Mark could finish his sentence, a voice came on the intercom. “All fighters, please report to the dining hall for dinner.” Mark stood up. “Well, I guess we should go eat.” He said.
A large table filled with everyone’s favorite foods was waiting for the warriors.

Scrapper looked forward at the feast, wondering how he could eat anything with his helmet on.

@Tarkur the controller of ice says nothing, because he knows pride comes before the fall
@Mctoran the controller of ice doesnt enjoy eating, he sees it as a chore not a pleasure

Tarkur starts eating.

“So, hypothetically speaking, what do you plan to do with the prize money?” Mark asked everyone.

“I’d give it to support my village, they’ve been going through tough times lately with famine and not enough housing” the controller of ice says

“Dunno, didn’t really know that the price was money so I haven’t thought that far.” Tarkur says.

@Tarkur OOC: i think you shouldn’t be able to disallow my mask abilities because its the effe-ing legendary mask of control, gamemaster?

@controller_of_ice OOC: As long as it isn’t an ability or spell I wouldn’t be able to use Disallow but mask powers would count as an ability. If someone would fire a normal gunshot disallow wouldn’t work because firing off a gun isn’t an ability.

IC: Tarkur was still eating rapidly he knew the people at the table weren’t his friends and if given the chance they could probably consider going for a kill.

“Well, I would use the money to pay off my family’s debts. If we dont gove the village elders the money that we owe them in a few weeks, we’ll be banished. I joined this competition out desperation to help my family.” Mark said.