Arena of the Champions (Team Based MOC Contest)

Welcome to the Arena of the Champions. Only the ones who fight stand

On the planet Zyranei their are two great powers. The Grey, a crime syndicate who have control of many different Private Military Corporations around Zyranei. and Z.P.B (Zyranei.Peacekeeper.Battalion) who help Zyranei uncorrupted.

Recently bombings on Z.P.B buildings in the country Virus have caused riot throughout the streets while The Grey play them like a fiddle, one stroke of a string will bring Z.P.B to their Knees… But this plan was ruined when the Arena was opened.

A Pact between The Grey and Z.P.B done even before the Bombing and the creations of the PMC’s to allow various countries to bring five of their greatest warriors to fight in an artificially created battleground endorsed by Z.P.B and The Grey called THE ARENA OF THE CHAMPIONS.

This is where you come in.

About the Contest
the contest is group based

when you sign up you and four other will be chosen at random into a group.
your group will then be given a theme to base your Moc on
after the Mocs of both sides have been done the battle shall commence in story form and the winners will be given their next opponent (same Moc applies)

the winner will get the full ending to the story (and showing what happens after they win)
Runners up get the Different ending.

Moc Basis
when creating your Moc this must apply to it
A Photo or Two


Weapons and Equipment:




Reason for fighting:

Moc Rules
Do not be Overpowered

No Mary Sues

You must follow your Theme

Have fun


Confusing yet intriguing.

“I am the in”

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Wat? Me confused. How this work?

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you are put into a group of 5

you will be given a theme

you must build a moc based on the theme (LDD Allowed)

give him a Name,a Nickname,Weapons and Equipment,Strengths,Weaknesses,Backstory and a reason for fighting.

Wait for your team-mates and team you are fighting against

then the round will begin

also the Theme is throughout the contest


i iz in

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So 1 MOC is made by each person, but 5 MOCs total?


So does one of us build a moc with input from others, or we all build a MOC each and then decide on the best one or…?

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a Moc Each


Ok, well, I’m in

I’ll try it out!

So, is system allowed?

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Well I would say it should be more BIONICLE and CCBS based but system pieces are allowed
But don’t make it all system


I’m dead.


So does each team submit one MOC, or does each team member submit a MOC?

Sign-me in a story im not going to read. :oden:

This sounds fun! I’m in

Sounds interesting. I’ll join.

A Moc each

I’ll give it a shot.
I hope…

But each team or each team member?

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