Arena of the Champions (Team Based MOC Contest)

Each team member

I think I might join.

How will we form teams?

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Can’t say that I fully understand how this is going to work - but learning by doing.

I’ll give it a try and participate.

It is randomly done when there is enough people

Watch as this topic only gets 10 people to join. -_-

HAH! Make that 11 people!!

aka: I’m joining

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I’d like to join.

The pictures might be a bit blurry, if that’s a problem.

Might as well try. I’m prepared to fail.

I’ll take a shot at it

Sounds neat! I will give it a shot or two.

Have the teams and themes been chosen?

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I’ll join.

Not yet

I guess you’re waiting for enough people to participate so you can split them up properly… If I’m allowed, I would make a suggestion:

I think, that 5 people per team might be a little much if they are to coordinate properly (if that is necessary) - perhaps make the teams smaller (three per team?) which would also result in this “contest” becoming larger.

But then the problem is to get enough people to join. With three people per team there have to be 24 participating for proper … KO-rounds? (don’t know if that’s the right word, lack of vacabulary on my side) seeing as there are presently 16.
Alternatively you could of course go for 20 people and put them into four groups of five.

Anyway, these are just my thoughts. Hopefully more people will join soon, so we can get started. :wink:

It will start soon

Yay. Can’t wait.

Is it too late to join? :smiley:

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and you are in

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I am going to join and (hopefully) crush every little bit of competition, if it’s not to late!

Hope you’re on my team…

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