Arick and Roark

Arick pics:

I’m planning to revamp this guy, too, but his style is hard to recreate :confused:

For people who saw the Archer post, you’ll probably understand why that sticker is tacked on to his right wrist.

So this one is Arick, he’s just a simple knight, from the same universe as Archer (which is like pseudo-bonkle).

Next is Roark. He’s a MOC back from May, so some of you already may have seen him on my MOCPages (gods forbid) or my Flickr.

You might remember Roark as that old yellow guy I posted around this time last year, with the sword made to resemble the Halo energy sword? Yeah, this is a new version of him.

Arick I built last month, but Roark I think I just forgot to post here? Eh, whatever. If by chance I did post this version of Roark on these boards, let me know and I’ll fix it, but as far as I can dig, I didn’t.

So, please critique and criticize them! Verbally rip them to shreds! =P


And here we get an early look at LEGO’s new Nexo Knights line.



  • Color scheme is very consistent
  • Like the Torso Design
  • Very slick
  • Back was covered well
  • Weaponry is interesting
  • I find the yellow connectors on the legs to look strange and open
  • The little half bushes on the feet look weird
  • Back of Thighs are a bit too open.

I would give Arick a 9.5/10.
The model looks amazing! I love the look, color scheme, and weaponry, but it does have a few, minor faults.

:smile: Uber Fantastic Job! :smile:


  • Similar to Arick, its color scheme is very consistent
  • Like the torso design
  • Robe looks cool and intimidating
  • Weaponry fits the character well
  • I wish the Metru Red on the legs were distributed around the model a bit more; Also looks like he is wearing pants :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
  • Rubber Bands? Painted Pieces?

I would give Roark a 9/10.
It looks cool, nuff said.

Fantastic Job! :smile:

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Yeah, had to use some rubber bands. I don’t like it either, but it is what it is. And no, absolutely no painted pieces whatsoever. Which parts did you presume were painted, though? It’s probably just my old lighting set up at any rate =P

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Arick looks great, I like the waist-cape/tunic/trenchcoat/you-will-tell-me-what-it-is that he has in the fourth picture, but there is not much to say about him. 8.6/10

I love that robe. I love swords coming from characters forearms. I love random useless chains. I love the Miru. Roark is perfection. 9.8/10

Is it pronounced RO-arch or Rork?

All in all, these MOCs are great, but they need Velociraptor legs.

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I thought I saw brush strokes on the BrAt Stormer Spike Armor. It might have been the lighting ,or my horrible vision. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Nah, but I might know why you thought that. They’re textured a bit different to that specific version of the piece, and the texture is a little grainier. And if I remember correctly I got them on a Chima Ultrabuild set that didn’t release in North America. Perhaps that’s why you thought they were painted, because you hadn’t seen them in dark red?

Thanks Pekekoa! Yeah, I imagine it acting like yellow-chain mail, if you know what I mean. Or perhaps a waistcape like Star Wars ARC troopers have.

I imagine him using them like Scorpion from Mortal Kombat =P

Rork, the a is silent. Like the gym leader from Pokemon Diamond/Pearl/Platinum, if you’ve ever played them.
Hells yeah to Velociraptor legs.

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Why do you just supposed Im from 'Merica? Is it because I talk like a sailor? That is just so rude and impeccable. /s or sarcasm

Yay, I knew that Metru Red came in that armor piece, but I thought you didn’t have any, so you might of painted it. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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If you’re going to put so much red on Roark’s lower legs, you should probably also put some on his upper arms or something.

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Kewl guys, man. 12/10

Wait no Velociraptor legs? 0/9001

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considering laval had them, they were released over here, I know, I have them.

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Oh, so it wasn’t from one of the exclusive sets? My bad, I misremembered.

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