Ariki, the Pillager

Ariki has been a project of mine for quite a while. The idea was to create a rouge toa to go into my team. Honestly, I believe it turned out believe that it came out better than the others! Okay! Backstory time!

Ariki arrived at the island of Motu Roa without knowing anything. I guess that’s just a side effect of being a toa: you can have all of the training in the world, but you’ll still get amnesia when you land. “Where am I?” He asked an unsuspecting young villager. “You’re on the island of Motu Roa!” The villager responded with a smile. “You’re here to help us, aren’t you?” He continued. “And why would I do that?” Ariki asked. The villager studdered. “B…but… toa are supposed to do that.” He said, with tears in his eyes. “Ya… You’ve got to! that’s what toa do! Please! We have a horrible Makuta problem! They ransack and destroy villages! They kill matoran! Please!” He begged. “What’s a toa? Or a Makuta?” Ariki simply asked. “A toa is what you are! A toa saves villages and the matoran living in them. A toa is a hero! A Makuta is not. They are horrible creatures who have taken over the island. They do the opposite of what you do! They kill matoran and destroy their homes!” The villager said. “If you want to be a toa hero, there’s a junkyard not to far from may be able to find something there!” He continued, as he pointed in its direction. “Thanks. I’ll see what I can do.” Ariki responded coldly as he made his way to the junkyard.

Once there, he instantly started looking. He found something familiar, as if he’s used it before. A sword. He saw a button on part of it. He pushed it. He dropped it in shock. The sword had split in half! No, not in half. It tuned into a wicked double edged sword! He returned to normal and simply put it on his back and kept looking. He found a piece of black metal. He pulled what looked to be a lever. BANG! the metal made is it shot a laser blast. He liked that very much! He looked for another one. He found one. It looked different, but worked the same. While he walked out of the junkyard, he wondered if he really would become a toa hero, or… Something else…

Here he is! Ariki himself!

Front view

See those “wings” on his back? Those are really a sword!

The double-edged sword

The guns

Different view of them

Back view (with sword)

Back view (without sword)

The weapons

Size comparison with Tuma

Should this be my new self MOC? Is it better than Karion? What do you think about it? Tell me in the comments below!


aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand guns.

Call it personal preference but I don’t like it when BIONICLE mocs have realistic guns to shoot around.

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Hmmm… I suppose I can understand that! I don’t think I quite clarified that those are laser blasters either, though they don’t quite look like them!

Awesome! The lower legs are odd, but other then that I can find nothing!:wink:

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Nice MOC. The weapons are pretty cool, althoough I’m not a huge fan of guns in Bionicle.

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Looks neat, love the mask and weapons (never saw what the huge gripe was with guns in BIONICLE)

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Anyone else get a slight Deadpool vibe?


Your making me wish I had the gen 1 bionicle sets and this just blew my mind

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Sweet design, Bro. I especially love the weapons. I never really imagined that using Bohrok headplates as shoulderpads would work out so well.

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This probably by far my favorite moc of yours the whole figure just flows amazingly

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Maybe it’s just me, but the lower legs and feet just don’t seem to fit. Apart from that it looks great!

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This looks good. Great job.

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This is very cool!

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rider cutting?

dear lord what did this guy record this with a turnip? ah well, only vid I could find.

not bad,
but something seems off about the legs,
also guns.

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Possibly! I didn’t think about that!

When I First Saw this I thought that Vakama stole Mataus Wing Blades

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Honestly, I would’ve too! :laughing:

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I almost used minifigure capes, but decided against it when I saw the bohrok headplates!

Nice! not big on the legs, the chest and mask also seem a bit generic. but I like the idea. Keep it up!

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Thanks! Yeah, but I don’t want to paint my parts and the torso will most likely be revamped, along with a few other parts, certainly including the legs! :smile:

Would you have any suggestions?