Arkus 2.0

So you guys know that one moc I made a while back that won 3rd place in the monochrome contest? Yeah i fixed a lot of the issues people had with him

Full body shots

All kinds of closeups

So yeah hope you all like the changes, photos are a bit out of focus, still trying to get used to th3 new camera but yeah, im pretty happy with how he turned out


amazing! but i recon you could add something better on that hero factory brain attack body piece, but that’s my only complaint, the rest is flipping amazing

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Noted, thanks for the feedback my dude

I feel the spikes on his lower leg kinda stick out. Maybe you could replace those with flat-headed studs?

Say, did you add a bunch of trans-purple since the previous version? If so, that looks good!

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I most certainly did haha, and yeah i think that sounds like a good idea, ill give it a shot

I really like this MOC, but the black sticks out a little and the smooth and rocky parts spread out in places break up the flow. The torso is also a little too thin, but this is great otherwise.

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The torso being as thin as it is was a characteristic from the first version that i wanted to keep as it was pretty much his defining characteristic to have toony proportions. The other complaints however i can completely get behind, although the black was an unfortunate side effect of buffing out the legs and this was the best solution i could come up with at the time. Thanks for the feedback btw! Every bit helps

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Looks pretty good, minor things are texture bits, like the rocks on the forearms should just be the 2015 add-on, and the shields on the knees stick out a bit for me, try a Gahlok Kal shield.

But he still looks absolutely great!

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Cheers for the pointers man, I’ll try both of those and post results :slight_smile:

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So much purple goodness. What’s to say, it’s a fantastic MOC, nice textures, nice colors, and lots of eye candy. Great Job.

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It’s awesomer than ever!

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@ToaPanda @Altair Awww thanks you guys


Something about the lower legs feels a bit off, but this is a very solid MOC otherwise.

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Thats understandable, i kinda hate them too tbh

Really cool and solid MoC. However, the upper part of the lower legs do look a bit thin. I suggest maybe adding some armor around the section near the Bohrok-kal shields or around the back of the knees to bulk it up.

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Cheers man, and yeah its clear the legs need some work, appreciate the criticism!

This is fantastic. Colors, shape, build are all great.

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Happy to hear you like it man

Oh boy. I love this. No, I adore this. I love the shaping, the colors, the mask choice, everything.

Alright. I’m calmer now. let’s go into this with a more objective point of view. This moc has issues. extremely minor ones that don’t stop this from being the best MOC I’ve seen in a year, but still issues none the less. For one thing, I think the Kohlii balls (or whatever you want to call them. they’re certainly not balls) don’t work as weapon decoration. I feel like they disrupt the flow of the blade and would make it less effective as a blade. I feel similarly about the Skull warrior “fur” pieces on the base of the blade. As for the handle, I feel like unless your MOC’s hands use balljoint sockets to hold the weapon, the balljoints don’t work. I also don’t like the piece you plugged into the HF chest at the center of the MOC. I feel like it sticks out too far and it’s too thin to work as shaping for anything. I agree that something should be plugged into that spot, but I can’t think of what. Oddly enough I like the ones plugged into the other two HF chests. The only other thing that bugs me is the wrists, but that’s something that’s unavoidable given how the hands are constructed, and I don’t really want you to change them at all.

And after that I’d have to go even further into nitpicking to find things I dislike about this thing. As for things I like, well, where do I begin? first off, as I implied earlier, I love the hands. they’re bulky while being thin, and they are incredibly expressive. I love how the left hand looks in the second picture. But where this MOC truly shines is with the parts usage. I particularly enjoy the repeated motif and creative placement of the Terak claws, and I love the use of the hand pieces on the ankles. I also love the repeated use of the Onua hammer pieces.They look good and serve as great shaping every single place they’re used. In addition, I love the sharp spike pieces used for shaping on the upper arms and shoulders.

All in all, I love this MOC. I feel like this is one of the best MOCs I’ve ever seen and definitely the best at this size.Good job.


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Woah that was one hell of an in-depth review, thankyou so much man it means lot to me. I agree with practically everything you said and it makes me very happy that you took the time to give me this much feedback. Im currently working on tying up any loose ends and minor faults and ill be sure to let you know when i post results :slight_smile: