Armored Infection- Bionicle Moc By AmazingDirtHunter

I put up a good few mocs here. Alot were very well received! (Thanks!) Others not so much (Everyone hates my selfmoc) But here is one of the two mocs i have right now. The other being my self moc. Hope you like it, I think he is pretty unique myself.

Here he is with my SelfMoc, Alli. (updated version)

Is he good? Is he evil? Who cares?
Anyway, thanks for looking, obviously i was joking about everyone hating my selfmoc… please dont ever take anything i say seriously, I’m an idiot. peace.


Well, he looks good. Not so sure about the lower legs, though.


Looks good, looks good. I think you should remove the mutant brain though.

The lower legs definitely need to change, because he looks like his dragging his feet in the second picture

I got to say this looks pretty great.
Though the shoulders I’m not sure.