Arngoth Toa of iron

Deep down in the depths of the earth and stone lies a cave dwelling race of iron matoran with no connection to the rest of the villages with a lone giant to protect them from the creature of the deep

Arngoth is a gentle giant towering over most other toa. Not one for words he defends the iron matoran from the creature that are drawn to the heat of their iron forges said to make unbreakable weapons and armor…

in not that good with the lore so i have no idea if iron toa are cannon but here is my version.


Fe-Matoran, aka Matoran of Iron, are indeed canon. You can always refer to Biosector to find if an Elemental Power exists:

The model is quite nice, but it lacks the signature colors of the Fe-Matoran - which is understandable since you didn’t know it’s canon up until now. =)

ok thanks for the link im in the middle of a re design for him so will keep this in mind

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You’re welcome. =)

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It could use some more silver and the usage of the Bohrok pieces doesn’t work in the legs
The blaster arm is pretty cool

I love that gun!

Just to make sure I’m getting this right the fe-toa are the air benders of the bionicle lore and the makuta are the fire nation

Ummmmmm what? I get the reference, just… why?

Like as in why are they bearly ever talked about I saw soming about the makuta killing them off in the link u sent me and that was the first thing i thought of

Well, I’d say it’s a bit of a far-fetched comparison. Although, yes, the Brotherhood did exterminate almost all Toa of Iron and Gravity (I think?), it was because Toa of Iron and Toa of Gravity present a real danger to the Makuta as they can easily tear apart their otherwise hermetic suits of armor.
Fire Lord Ozai, on the other hand, exterminated the Air Nomads because he was afraid that the new Avatar will grow to pose a significant threat to his plans of conquest, and because he was a power-crazed nut. The Air Nomads in on themselves posed no danger to the Fire Nation.

Ok thanks I was wanting toredo Arngoths backstory so i wanted to be sure i had the right idea of what happend

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The two Toa Elements the Makuta attempted to exterminate were actually Iron and Magnetism.
Gravity, despite its potential to perform roughly similar actions, was largely left alone, and never ended up facing such a purge.


Thanks for the correction.