Arnodel the Shredded

I thought it would be really funny to draw an elf that was just unreasonably buff.

The original idea happened because I thought it would be hilarious if Arnold Schwarzenegger played Legolas in the 80’s. Like it isn’t explained or acknowledged at all, but Legolas is just incredibly huge and Austrian, but still moves around like a nimble elf.


Haha this is wonderful. I really like your art style, it definitely reminds me of something and I’ve been struggling to place it for a month now. I’ll realize it in a couple years I’m sure

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Ah this looks pretty good

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Thanks! If it helps, I base a lot of it off of stuff like frank frazetta, earl norem, mike mignola, and in general old comic/pulp art. I’m not on that level yet but I like to think I get those vibes across


Sounds like an internet rabbit hole I’m gonna dive into later today


I should give a content warning, not all of their stuff is very PG

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Eh, I’ll get by. Thanks for the courtesy though I appreciate it!



Get to da eagles!


Looks like something out of an anime or comic book. Really like the art style.

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