Aroxx Knight of Shadow and Light Revamp 4.0

Hey guys. whats up. I haven’t posted a topic for a while so I just wanted to make a quick update on my self moc:

before(revamp 3.0)

now(revamp 4.0)



Is there any reason his eyes are two different colors?

The arm is improved but his head looks more “exposed” and the legs are relatively thin.

yes there is. In my universe he has two orange eyes, but his powers are activated when his Eye turns red
so yeah. also I accidentaly gave him the ability to travel between parallel univeses and change time speed. So he is a “bit” overpowered

His head reminds me about one Youtuber, ManiaMac1613.

yeah you are right. I try to make him a custom head but until then He will keep this head. Its from the moc Zerec Zeye.
Maniamac1613 stopped making videos because he went to the Navy

What? Where? Why? When?

about two weeks ago

And he will come back (I don’t know what is a Navy, I am not an American)?

the navy is basicly the military just on the water.
he maybe will come back in 5 years.