Arran: Desert Ranger

Arran was deployed in Barron, the desert province, after losing her original right arm and lower legs, and having them replaced with outdated military grade tech by MachKart.
Arran was sent to assassinate Daimo, who was seen in Dasamro the capital city, and was assumed responsible for a recent spike in disappearances.

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It has @PekekoaOfJungle feet.

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why dont you try turning the hordika necks down? I think that would look better

Because that would put the shoulders halfway down the torso.

I dont know if having them at the same height as the neck is any better

Well done a nice creative design! The legs especially are cool.

If I could give any constructive criticism I would try the following:

  1. Use the skull villian bone “bone” piece on the upper arms
  2. Use the Turaga version of that mask as it’s the same color as most of the torso and legs and the current one just doesn’t fit.
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Love this MOC so much! Huge fan of the legs and the weapon. Wish I was as creative as you! :smile: good job!

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I like the design, but feel as if it could have been better executed. Keep improving it!

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Very nice! I love the arms and legs.

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This was very well executed. The overall physique is odd and unique, really making for an interesting design.

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And I thought those inika swords were never going to be seen on Mocs…good on you for making it work!

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I have another moc that’s hopefully going to be posted by the weekend that also uses an inika blade in a weapon.

I’m glad this has been generally well received.