Arrhenius, the Acetic

He was originally a microscopic creature that got exposed to an vat of acid some scientists were using in an experiment to find out how different creatures would react to it. They were experimenting in an under ground cave. A rock he was on fell in to the vat. While other creatures on the rock died quickly​, he evolved in a matter of nanoseconds. His arms turned in to acid firing guns, his second set of arms turned into single-clawed hands that could shoot steams of consented acid, and his legs desolved​ into a tornado of acid he could control at his will. Not understanding what was happening, he shot the scientists. Over hundreds of years, he thought to his memories, and learned a vague idea of the English language. The only thing he ever befriended is a small cave spider. He is still traped in the cave the scientists were using.


The base seems a bit messy, but otherwise is spectacular.

Hey, this looks pretty cool. Nicely done.

I little messy, could use some cleaning up. Really nice concept though.

Reminds me of Protodax in concpet, just more violent :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

The yellow “stomach” color sticks out abit much, but the build is rather interning.
It’s color and appearance does defy a mutant and the shoulder looks well shaped, the back is somewhat bare though.

This looks like a comic book villain. This thing is great.